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My success is due more to my ability to work continuously on one thing without stopping than to another single qualityThomas Edison

Sexy, State of the Art & Totally Functional

Pure Motivation Fitness Studio is the only Boutique Fitness studio or facility to now over Cross Training Classes and equipment. After a successful 4.5 year growth since 2009 our studio our expansion renovations now offers our amazing members PURE satisfaction. Unlike traditional high volume factory like big box chains our now 8000 sq. foot facility allows our clients to still have that exclusive and intimate atmosphere with private group training classes that can hold up to 20 participants. Forget crowded sardine like classes over 30 where you can’t even see the instructor, come try our boutique Fitness studio for an upscale experience.

Dedicated, committed and proud to be one of the only fitness clubs in the upper city that specializes and focuses on kids club fitness and nutritional programs our new expanded facility now provides Spinning Classes, Kickboxing and Yoga to more members each day.

Come see and feel the Motivation and energy for yourself and realize why we believe that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!