About Jen De Cata

Jen’s passion for health and fitness began at age 15 when she entered high school. On a whim, searching for connection and community, she turned to athletics. In the span of 4 years she found herself a valuable member of many teams including rugby, ultimate frisbee, badminton, and track & field. She began researching strength and conditioning in order to maximize her athletic performance and fell in love with the process. When it came time to decide what to study post-secondary, she knew it was time to take her passion for fitness to the next level.

She studied at Humber College and earned a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. During her time at Humber she worked with numerous clients to help them in achieving their goals and  living healthier lifestyles.

As well as personal training, Jen has a background in martial arts to be specific the art of Muay Thai Boxing. She is both a competitor and coach in the sport of Muay Thai Jen is an amateur Muay Thai fighter with aspirations of becoming one of the first ever females to win an Olympic gold medal in the sport. As a coach, Jen brings her knowledge, intensity, energy, and discipline to every session. Jen is dedicated to motivating and encouraging her clients to achieve success in their fitness journey.

Meet Coach Jen De Cata

Jen De Cata's Strengths

Martial Arts


Strength and Conditioning


Sport Specific Training


Endurance Training



  • DTS level 1
  • Diploma in Fitness and Health promotion

Meet Jen DeCata

What do you say to the person who is afraid to begin exercise?
Starting is the hardest part. Once you begin adding exercise into your weekly or daily routine you’ll love the results. The physical and mental benefits associated with exercise are guaranteed to help you live a happier and healthier life, all you have to do is start.

Favourite Exercise?
Bench Press

Least Favourite Exercise?

What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?
Keeping myself in shape or playing guitar

Who do you look up to & why?
My mentor Kru Ryan James. He offers continuous support to those who need it and his dedication to his students is unparalleled.

Guilty Indulgence?
Bubble Tea

If you were a superhero who would it be & why?
Captain Marvel! She’s the strongest avenger and kicks some serious ass

Your secret to success?
Being able to remain disciplined at times when motivation isn’t there

It's never too early or too late, to work towards being the healthiest you

Dr Demetre Katrivanos ND