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Corporate Wellness

Pure Motivation Fitness has been providing corporate health & wellness programs for many businesses in Vaughan and the G.T.A over the past 6 years. We have been able to assist many employers in creating a more positive, healthy, and efficient work force. We accomplish this by motivating, educating and inspiring your employees to lead a more vibrant healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise, proper nutrition and correct workplace ergonomics.

Pure Motivation Fitness Studio was Awarded 2011 Small Business of the year by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.

Our Objective: To provide employers with more productive employees, decrease absenteeism and educate workers on ways they can exercise and eat healthier on their own

Purpose: Provide management and employees the following benefits through our many services:

More knowledgeable staff that will come to work with more energy, healthier lunches/snacks

Decreased employee sickness & absenteeism, thus saving you unwanted expenses

A competitive advantage over other companies or competitors due to having even healthier, more motivated and educated employees

Increased employee performance and production which equals higher revenues

Interactive & more health conscious corporate culture and increased employee retention due to the new Health Conscious Atmosphere and Fitness Challenges we can create

We have had great success with many corporate companies including Villa Columbo Vaughan, Harkel Office Furniture, The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce, General Electric and most recently Power Stream.