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  • 1.5 Hours of 1 on 1 Personal Training Session

  • Comprehensive Body Type Movement Screening Assessment

  • 10 Days of UNLIMITED Small Group Training Classes (up to 6 p/class)

  • 2 (In-Body) Body Composition Analysis Readings

  • Full Studio Access:

  • Strength Training Equipment, Olympic Power Rack Cage & Cardio Equip.


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Pure Motivation Fitness – Not Just Another Vaughan Gym


The Studio (Our Gym)

Located in Vaughan with over 7,500 sq. ft, our boutique-style gym offers training space with state-of-the-art equipment, artificial turf, custom configured power rig, cross-fit training area, free-weight zone, cycling, and kick-boxing studio as well as a stretching and private massage area. Members enjoy our amenities including towel service, personal lockers, juice and espresso bar, lounge area and luxurious restrooms with complimentary hygiene products.

6 Gym membership plans to choose from

Personal Training

Our team of personal trainers are handpicked and all bring with them a unique skill set that can only come from experience. Our professional trainers assess, keep detailed statistics, are life-long learners, practice what they preach, know how to help all clients, and truly care about building relationships with their clients. If you are in Vaughan and have wondered where the best personal training experience takes place, it’s here at PMF.

Membership Plans

A different kind of gym membership. PMF members enjoy small group fitness classes and personal training all year long! We know the importance and value that a personal trainer can offer. We also know the lack of choices clients get from other Vaughan gyms when looking for personal training. That’s why we crafted 5 custom memberships plans that each come with personal training to help you reach your goals

Body Type Training

Body Specific Training

Everyone is different. That’s why creating a workout plan that is best suited for your specific body type will produce much greater results than just following someone else’s workout. At PMF we specialize in body type specific training and nutrition counselling to help you get the results faster and more effectively.

PMF Fitness Classes in Maple

PMF Semi Private Training

Get faster results, higher coaching cues & learn how to safely Strength Train! Ditch the big 15+ Team Classes & Join smaller more private groups of ONLY 6 p/class. Enjoy Cross Training, SpinCross, ThaiBoxing, TRX & K-Bell Training .

Nutritional Counselling

We believe that no results can ever be obtained with out the right nutrition.  As a matter of fact, we believe in proper nutrition so much that we have a full-time certified nutritionist in-house to assess and help all our clients maintain the right diet to fulfill their goals and get results. Each member receives a nutritional log to help us make sure you stay on track.

Specializing in Personal Training and Nutrition Counselling for over 16 years

A Vaughan gym who works with charities and is led by Award-Winning Personal Trainer, and nutrition expert Dimitri Giankoulas, his wife Francesca, and our team of Certified Fitness Professionals all working towards the same goals – to motivate, educate and inspire people of all ages and abilities.

Seeing is Believing



Cesira P.

Will S.

Maria N.

Jason L.

Violetta K.

Stefano D.

Frank F.

A different kind of gym membership.

PMF members enjoy personal training all year long. We created 4 unique plans to choose from, with each plan catering to a specific fitness goal.

Discover a new kind of membership


Semi-Private Coaching Classes

Kids Fitness Classes

Small Group Kick Boxing Classes

Team Metabolic Training

Dimitri Giankoulas

Founder ● Nutrition Specialist ● Personal Trainer

Fascinated since an early age by the potential of the human body, Dimitri has devoted his career and much of his private life  to leading others towards personal health achievements greater than they thought possible. Dimitri’s level of commitment to each and every client is unparalleled in the industry. He brings energy, optimism and pure motivational power to every one of his workout sessions.

Watch Dimitri on Breakfast Television:

Healthy High Protein Snacks & Tips for 2023 with Coach Dimitri!

Mark Cochi
Mark Cochi
Exactly the gym you want to join!!! Energetic team, intelligent trainers and the selection of equipment you need to show results. Strongly suggest to give this place a try, you will not regret it.
Dejan Veselinovic
Dejan Veselinovic
This fitness studio has changed my life. I have spent my entire life, almost 36 years, being lazy and doing nothing to maintain and improve my fitness. The few times I tried going to a gym or adding physical activities throughout the day never lasted beyond a few days before I stopped and went back to being lazy. Finding Pure Motivation Fitness Studio made me realize why: I never knew what exactly to do when I come to work out anywhere and there was very few who would push me beyond my limit. This place has different classes where members can sign up to do a set of exercises, that change every day, with one of the trainers who will gladly push you past your limits. They also offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions weekly with one of their trainers (other reviews have mentioned coach Dimitri, who is amazing, though I’ll also give a shout-out to coach Martin and all the other wonderful coaches here), who will push you even more past your limits. All of them are approachable and will give you advice to reach any and all goals you have (or on how to be more fit, in my case). The studio itself, while not as large as some franchise gyms, has machines or equipment for every exercise imaginable while being clean and impeccably maintained. All of this has helped me start a routine where I’m going here five days a week, am feeling the best I’ve ever felt, know that I still have a long way to go on my journey to be the fittest I can be and am positive the coaches here will push me to get there faster than I can imagine. The only downside I have noticed to going here regularly is that I have to get a whole new wardrobe full of clothes (though I also blame that on my past lazy self). So, if you’re someone who’s been neglectful of their health and fitness and don’t know where to start (like myself, before I found PMF) then my suggestion is to stop reading this review and sign up for a membership with this fitness studio. I have already extended my membership with them for over a year past my initial period of year after only being a member for four months. A rating of five stars does not do this place justice as I can’t think of another place like it. My actual rating for PMF is a 007/5 and I highly recommend it to anyone.
Ambreen Khan
Ambreen Khan
Without a doubt, joining PMF has been the BEST decision I've made this year! From day 1, Dimitri listened to my goals and guided, educated and supported me accordingly. The empathy and continuous motivation from the coaches and staff is palpable. I've always felt comfortable and respected irrespective of being a novice to working out. The PMF community is incredibly friendly and diverse which makes for an ideal atmosphere to work out in! The gym itself is well-maintained and always upholds a high standard of cleanliness regularly. I couldn't be happier with my results and gains in the last few months. I feel both physically and mentally stronger. I'm so thankful for the education, hands-on training and personalized approach PMF utilizes. 11/10 would recommend becoming a member!
Sean E
Sean E
I have been a resident member and assessment Chiropractor here for a couple years. I'd say I have a more than better insight into the facility and what it's like to be a part of the gym. I've been to many and have worked at one huge chain gym and can honestly give my stamp of approval for this family Oriented boutique gym, especially after seeing the quality of gyms out there. PMF is classy, thorough, clean, caring, and quality. From the classes to the one on one training, you'll always feel welcome. The equipment to the locker rooms are clean and kept up with daily. Listen, NO QUALITY place is ever cheap. Upkeep is expensive and should be reflected in any price. However, that being said, the gym is veeeeeeery reasonably priced. Go check it out, you'll see for yourself. Very honored to be a part of the family there. S
Nic Yako
Nic Yako
I'm coming for private sessions with Aaron. I feel great after each class. Fitness club is small and private and that's what I like about it. Everyone knows each other, it feels like home. Thank you.
Mehdi Salamani
Mehdi Salamani
Fantastic program at this gym. Amazing, thanks guys.
Cathy Liotine
Cathy Liotine
Top notch boutique style fitness studio! Results driven and trainers who care about your progress! I would highly recommend this gym to anyone serious about their fitness goals. The owner Dimitri will ensure you are placed with the right trainer and genuinely cares about your success.
Nasim Farzib
Nasim Farzib
Nice gym , if you try it once you can’t go any other place. It has a really friendly environment and focus is how to keep you motivated!

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