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Personal Training for Vaughan Residents & Businesses

Congratulations, if this is the first time you are considering personal training. There are many options at the local gyms here in Vaughan, however, not all personal trainers are created equal.

Being a member of a gym, or fitness facility is one of the components of exercising but knowing how to exercise properly, safely and for your own specific and tailored body type is an art and can sometimes take hours and even years to perfect.

Why do millions of people all around the world either pay for gym memberships but don’t go, buy home gym equipment and don’t use it or collect hundreds of books, magazines or any other researched materials to help them make sense of it all and yet so many people don’t stick to it or have a clue where to start?

For someone wanting to adopt a health and fitness regimen for the first time, or for someone just getting back into the swing of things, joining a fitness facility or working out in public can be a bit of a scary idea.  That’s why Pure Motivation Fitness personal trainers make it easy to start, stay motivated and get results.

Personal Trainer in Vaughan gym demonstrating fitness

“It’s a fact that countless people avoid getting into a health and fitness routine because they feel self-conscious and distracted by bustling high volume, industrial big box gyms where it’s more of a meat market or social club and important to look or act cool vs. exercising and getting results”, Dimitri Giankoulas the owner admits.

These feelings are natural and perfectly understandable. And PMF has the solution for you – In-Home Personal Training. This premium service eliminates your concerns and allows you – and PMF – to place full attention where it belongs – on you.   Take advantage of our STUDIO –Personal Training program as a short, mid- term or long-term commitment to your health, or until you feel like you are ready to continue exercising on your own.

Hiring a Studio Personal Trainer is Safe, Time Efficient, Cost Effective and a Realistic approach when intensity, knowledge or time is a factor in your life.

Just imagine the increased Motivation, Attention, Intensity and Results you will get by hiring a STUDIO- Personal trainer!

Learn how to safely and effectively use all Commercial and Plate Loaded Strength, Machinery and Small Apparatus Equipment.  Discover how more efficient your training will become by actually knowing how to properly use the Stability Ball, Bosu Ball and TRX training apparatus.

All you need is a bottle of water and an attitude to get results! We take care of the rest. Do not worry about COVID-19 as we have the smallest fitness classes and overall feel that we are the safest gym in the Vaughan area.

Personal Training is best suited for those who:

  1. Are not Motivated on their own to begin, keep or maintain actual exercise
  2. Own their own company and can’t afford to waste time
  3. Have outgrown, out challenged their mini in home gym
  4. Don’t know how to safely or effectively use equipment
  5. Have extreme or unpredictable demands on their time
  6. Seeking to rehabilitate an injury, accident
  7. Are pre-or-post natal and wishing to exercise
  8. Intimidated to train in a group or on their own
  9. Want to increase their intensity or current exercise knowledge
  10. Have children that are either overweight or require elite training
  11. Are preparing for a specific event, such as a wedding, reunion, or athletic competition, and need targeted training to reach their goals.
  12. Have reached a plateau in their fitness journey and require expert guidance to push through and continue making progress.
  13. Are looking to improve their overall health and wellness, including stress reduction, improved sleep, and increased energy levels.
  14. Want to learn proper exercise techniques to prevent injuries and ensure they are working out effectively.
  15. Require personalized nutrition advice and meal planning to complement their fitness routine and support their goals.
  16. Have a specific medical condition (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, arthritis) and need a tailored exercise program to manage or improve their health.
  17. Seek accountability and a structured routine to stay committed to their fitness goals and achieve long-lasting results.
  18. Desire variety in their workouts to stay engaged and challenged and to prevent boredom or burnout.
  19. Need help setting realistic and attainable fitness goals, as well as tracking and measuring progress over time.
  20. Are looking for a supportive and knowledgeable fitness professional to provide encouragement, motivation, and expertise throughout their fitness journey.