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We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision!Kelly Robertson

Team PMF

Management (Click name for Bios)
Dimitri Giankoulas Director of Personal Training/Nutrition, Founder
Francesca Giankoulas Director of Operations, Co-Founder
Daniel Cecchino Studio Assistant Manager, Head Kinesiologist
Marin Golemac Head Trainer/Strength & Conditional Coach
Cristina Scott Fitness Consultant/Strength Coach
Personal Training Dept (Click name for Bios)
Steve Faria Dr. of Chiropractic, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Danelia Chacon Certified Trainer, Massage Therapist
Renata Jurki In-Home Certified Trainer
Adam Matwiejczuk Personal Trainer/Weight Loss Conditioning Specialist
Duane Mondesir Certified CrossFit Trainer, Director of Kids Club, Volleyball Coach
Bianca Cruz Certified Trainer
Michael Antolini Personal Trainer
Santos Catracchia Certified Trainer
Joseph Ho Certified Trainer
Registered Dietitian  
Mahsa Esmaeili Registered Dietitian
Group Training Instructors  
Kim Wolfshout Yoga Instructor
Glennie Cruz Zumba Instructor
Greg Sanderson Kickboxing Instructor
Adi Spinning Instructor
Steve F., Duane M., Bianca C., Santos C. Cross Training Instructors
Member Service Staff  
Michelle Falzone Head Receptionist
Luis Alvarez Receptionist
Michelle Leonard Receptionist

Dimitri Giankoulas

Certified Personal Trainer
Performance Nutrition Specialist
Director of Personal Training/Nutrition

A personal training session with Dimitri or his staff is a truly remarkable and uplifting experience.

Fascinated since an early age by the potential of the human body, Dimitri has devoted his career and much of his private life to pushing beyond his own limits – and to leading others to personal health achievements greater than they thought possible.

His hundreds of clients over the years can attest that no one matches the energy, optimism and pure motivational power Dimitri brings to every workout session. Nor can anyone equal the commitment he demonstrates to each and every client.

For Dimitri, no health or fitness challenge is too great. For his clients – as for himself – anything and more is possible.

Dimitri has been a leader in the fitness industry since 1997, working as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and ultimately Personal Training Director in gyms including Premier Fitness, Bodies by Design and Bally Total Fitness. He has over 11,000 hours of hands on personal training experience.

Under Dimitri’s leadership, in 2003 the Personal Training department at Bally’s Dufferin and Finch location was named best out of all 420 Bally Total Fitness locations worldwide. The following year, his department again won the award for best personal training dept in all Canadian Bally’s locations.

In 2011, Pure Motivation Fitness Studio was awarded BEST Small business of the year award 2011 by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce!

Growing up in Toronto, Dimitri excelled at a multitude of sporting activities. Beginning as a sprinter in elementary school, he won many Toronto-area track meets in the 100, 400 and 400m hurdles. He was a competitive swimmer from age 10 straight through high school at Weston Collegiate Institute, where he won the Rookie of the Year Award for being the only student to participate on five varsity teams in a single year and maintain a 90% average.

At the age of 18, Dimitri took up natural bodybuilding to grow his scrawny 155lb frame, and became a Certified Personal Trainer to inspire others seeking to make change. In 2000, at the age of 21, he won his first bodybuilding competition: the Ontario Natural Bodybuilding Championships. Dimitri had competed for 9 years straight since that time, always placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in that and many other competitions.

More important than any of his athletic accomplishments, Dimitri has placed a large emphasis in providing all of this knowledge, passion and experience for the fitness industry to his staff and team of certified personal trainers.

Words to Aspire: Nothing comes easy, perception is reality; and either you want it or you don’t.


Qualifications, Specialty:
Certified Personal Trainer (C.F.P.)
Performance Nutrition Specialist (I.S.S.A)
PNF Stretching Specialist (P.M.F)
CPR/First Aid Certified
Champion Drug Free Bodybuilder

Francesca Giankoulas
Operations Manager

Francesca has been actively involved in fitness and nutrition for the past 10 years. Francesca and Dimitri began PMF in 2006 catering only to a hand full of private clients in condominium residents in G.T.A. Assisting her husband through numerous bodybuilding competitions and competitive sports; Francesca has a well rounded background in training and nutrition.

Francesca feels that understanding what clients need in the gym isn’t necessarily as important as assisting clients out of the gym and in the kitchen. Her belief is that 80% of any changes to the human body occur from what you eat and not how hard you train. As the founder of the “Personalized Grocery Shopper”, Francesca felt that gyms and personal training companies lacked the personal attention needed for clients when it came to choosing their foods. “It’s easy to tell someone what to eat, but harder to show them how to choose their foods!” So, she decided on creating our educational and time efficient service called the Personalized Grocery Shopper: where one of our professional staff will meet you at your favorite grocery store and help you make all the right food purchase decisions.

Fulfilling her role as operations manager at Pure Motivation Fitness Studio Francesca has engaged herself in many areas both in and outside of the studios operations and has been a vital role to the company’s success.

Word to Aspire:
“Never forget the hard work, dedication and perseverance that helps you get to your goal as without it the feeling of accomplishment would not be as gratifying at all.”

Daniel Cecchino
Studio Assistant Manager, Head Kinesiologist

Daniel has been active since he was a young child… The lists of sports include swimming, baseball, track and field, volleyball, basketball, hockey and soccer, just to name a few.

Daniel continued to pursue soccer and hockey more seriously, playing at competitive levels until he was 17 years old. He then decided to pursue the art of muay thai, learning discipline and hard work, in which he believes are very important, attributes to live a successful and healthy life. He has been very intrigued by the capabilities of the human body since he was in high school, already deciding by 16 years old that he wanted to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry.

Wanting to eagerly learn more, Daniel decided to attend York University for Kinesiology and Health Science, where he has graduated from the Honours program. Working with a variety of clients with different physical and fitness goals ranging from age 8 – 65 years old, conditions like spastic diplegia, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal disorders and post-surgery cardiac patients. Daniel has helped numerous individuals achieve their respective goals. With his wide range of knowledge regarding the human body, Daniel can assist anyone to reach their fitness and health goals, understanding that every individual is different and deserves exclusive attention and assistance.

Recently Daniel has began to explore the importance of health and wellness in the workplace and the positive impact it can have on everyone from senior management, to family members of the employee. He believes the rate of return on an employee’s health is priceless, as he feels the health of an employee is too valuable to be overlooked, considering how great of a positive impact a healthy employee will make on their respective company.

He currently runs the corporate health and wellness program at Pure Motivation Fitness.

Words to Inspire:
“The pain experienced during the end of a workout is much less painful than living with the guilt of giving up.”

“An idle mind is the devils workshop”

Qualifications, Specialties:
- B.A., Honors, Kinesiology and Health Science. York University
- Registered Kinesiologist (C.K.O.)
- CPTN –CPT certified personal trainer
- Functional Movement Systems Level 1 Certification
- CPR C and First Aid
- PNF stretching Specialist (P.M.F.)
- Member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE)

Marin Golemac
Head Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach


Marin is a personal trainer who has managed to fuse both North American, European and East Asian philosophies of sport, science and exercise. Graduating with honours and receiving a Masters degree in Kinesiology and exercise science from the University of Zagreb in his native Croatia Marin is not only a certified personal trainer but a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a specialty in Olympic Power lifting lifts.

With a strong found love and respect for the martial art of Muay Thai Boxing, Marin has spent 10 years of his life dedicated to the training and coaching the sport and even travelled to live and study in Thailand to posses the true experience and attain his certifications.

As a strength and conditioning Specialist and coach in Europe, and proven martial artist, Marin has developed functional and strength conditioning programs for track athletes, many mixed martial artists and many European Strength athletes. Working with a wide variety of athletes ranging from children as young as 12 years old, to having done athletic assessments and assisted in preparation of fighters and basketball players there isn’t a client too difficult or challenging for Marin to take on.

Realizing his natural talent to motivate and educate others to exceed Marin pursues a lifelong path of learning and self growth and inspiration to pass his knowledge to minds and bodies’ of those eager to learn and excel.

“I posses extreme dedication towards my profession and an ever growing love for my work. In my past endeavours I have demonstrated and proven success to my own athletic and client careers through my results, medals my commitment to athletic excellence”.

Specializing in Olympic Power lifting, Muay Thai boxing, sports specific training and functional conditioning training Marin is able to transform anybody he comes in contact with. Together with the knowledge gathered at Pure Motivation Fitness there isn’t a person or a physique I can’t change for the better. If you don’t know how I will effectively teach you, if you don’t want to I will most definitely make you!!

Words to Inspire:
“In order for there to be ups, there must be downs. Remember all your failures, so when you succeed you can look back and have pride that you had strength enough to overcome.”

- Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement

Qualifications, Specialties:
- M.A. Hons. Kinesiology
- Strength/Conditioning Coach (N.S.C.A)
- Certified Personal Trainer (C.F.P)
- Certified Muay Thai Trainer (I.F.M.A)

Dr. Steven Faria
Dr. of Chiropractic, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr. Faria holds an honours bachelor of arts kinesiology degree from York University. His interest in sports medicine led him to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he graduated in 2009. Dr. Faria is a certified acupuncture provider, having completed the contemporary medical acupuncture offered by the McMaster University, and has completed courses in Active Release Techniques (ART®).

As a personal trainer and a medical practitioner Dr. Faria has experience in injury rehabilitation, prevention and sports specific training. This experience ranges from post operative injury rehabilitation and strengthening to University and OHL level athletes. An athlete himself, Dr. Faria has competed in football at the university level, amateur Muay Thai bouts, grappling tournaments and is currently training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Dr. Faria is a firm believer in the integration of acupuncture, manual therapy, nutrition, yoga, pilates, and strength and performance training and how they can relate not only athletic performance but to all aspects of health and wellness.

As a veteran trainer at Pure Motivation Fitness Studio, Dr. Steven Faria has trained hundreds of clients and has provided more than just results but a challenging and optimistic means of exercise to all his clients.

Words to Aspire:
“The ONLY thing that seperates a Champ from a Chump is……………………….U!”U!

Qualifications, Specialties
- Dr of Chiropractic
- B.A. (Hon) Kin, DC
- Acupuncture Provider, ART
- Certified Personal Trainer (C.S.E.P)
- Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Danelia Chacon
Certified Trainer, Massage Therapist

Danelia has always been involved in different sports from a young age. Swimming and gymnastics seemed to be the strongest of all activities. But it wasn’t until age 15 when she started weight training with the help and support of her dad, that she found her true passion for fitness.

Human anatomy and physiology has always been something Danelia had been interested in. So she chose dentistry as a career, where she learned in much more detail about the human body.

At age 17 she and her family moved to Canada and decided that dentistry wasn’t her passion anymore. Struggling to find a career that she could fit in and love just as much, she stumbled upon the Fitness and Health Promotion Program at Fanshawe College. She figured she already liked going to the gym, so might as well do something that seemed fun. Little did she know, this program would change not only her life but her overall perspective on fitness as a whole.

Ever since then she has been actively involved in the fitness industry for 7 years and counting, preparing herself for several fitness competitions as well as helping people change their lives! She has gained experience working with a wide range of clients with goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific training and disabilities.

Her true passion, motivation, dedication and experience to help clients achieve their most desired and deserved health and fitness goals, is what makes Danelia strive to be the best, to bring the best out in her every single client, and most importantly to help them get RESULTS!!!



Renata Jurki
Certified Personal Trainer
In Home Trainer Specialist

Renata has always been physically active and began her involvement in fitness from the early age of 15 when she won numerous awards in track and field and soccer.

Looking for a change in physical activity and always seeking to challenge herself, during her post secondary years she got involved in many outdoor activities including roller blading, hiking, and volleyball leagues to change her pace of training.

Once Renata began weight training over 10 years ago she realized that she could change her body and the way it performed by manipulating her nutrition and training. And has therefore chosen to use her knowledge of these two fields to help others realize their potential and, provide them with the expertise to achieve it and surpass any of their fitness goals.

“At Pure Motivation Fitness we cater to our clients full needs are provide a service far beyond our competitors. Going above and beyond for our clients is what we believe and practice in!”

Words To Aspire:
“Never think that pushing yourself to the limit is undoable; because we do it every day just don’t realize it.”

Qualifications, Specialties:
Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/First Aid Certified
Health & Safety Training – CCOHS
Stress & Life Management

Adam Matwiejczuks
Personal Trainer
Weight Loss Conditioning Specialist

Adam MatwiejczuksAdam has been involved in various sports and training programs from the age of 8, competing in athletics, basketball and rugby in which he represented his native Poland for the U-19 team. He started weightlifting at the age of 15 and has developed a passion for fitness and exercise since.

Adam gained his professional qualifications and experience in Poland, United Kingdom and North America, while training with variety of athletes and professional strength trainers which gave him his unique style of coaching.

His specialities include Olympic Weightlifting, Kettle-bell training and Power training using a blend of different styles and training methods.

Adam is excited to be a part of Pure Motivation Fitness team and would like to share his knowledge and passion with others in order to achieve their goals much faster.

Adams specialties are in strength training, weight loss conditioning and dynamic training which consist of Kettle Bell Swings and Boxing.

Guaranteed to get you results Adam not only believes, but lives the philosophy that hard work and determination can get you to your desired goal.

Words to aspire:
“It’s not the size of a dog in a fight, it`s the size of the fight in a dog.”

- Personal Trainer Specialist (Canfitpro, Reps UK)
- Olympic Weightlifting Instructor (Darby Training System)
- Kettlebell Instructor (Reps UK)
- Boxing Fitness Instructor (Reps UK)
- Advanced Cardiovascular and Resistance Training (Reps UK)
- Certified in Advanced Exercise Nutrition (Canfitpro)
- Nutrition and Weight Management (Reps UK)
- Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment (Reps UK)
- Training in Different Environments (Reps UK)
- ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic and Sports Massage
- CPR & First Aid
- Registered with Canfitpro (Canadian Fitness Professionals)

Duane Mondesir
Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Consultant

Duane Mondesir is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness Consultant through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. CSEP graduates have a complete understanding of the optimal means to improve physical fitness and health status in a safe and individualized manner.

Duane graduated from the Fitness and Health program at Humber College. While at Humber, he played on the Varsity Volleyball Team for 2 years. At Humber, Duane performed sport-specific training with Rugby, Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball players. He also completed a Special Populations course that dealt with the training of Youth, Seniors, Injuries and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions which makes him especially qualified to work with members at all fitness levels.

Not only will his genuine and humorous personality win you over but his professionalism for elite customer service is something Duane takes pride in. Having worked as a certified personal trainer since 2007, his wide variety of different clients ranging from children, adults, athles even seniors, there isn’t a scenario too hard to handle.

From 2008 to 2010 Duane was the dry land instructor for the Halton Blue fins (swim team) for 2 years. Being charge of these athletes Duane had to train the team in phases such as Max Strength, Strength Endurance, Aerobic Endurance and Aerobic Recovery.

Duane offers a wide range of training styles such as sport-specific, boot camp and customized periodization training (sport performance/weight-loss) for those who are serious about results.

Currently Duane is a part of Team Canada’s Masters Volleyball team and competes year long.

Words to Aspire:
“A goal without a plan is simply a wish”

- Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma (Humber College)
- CrossFit Level 1 Certification
- Certified Personal Trainer (C.S.E.P)
- Certified Fitness Consultant (C.S.E.P)
- PNF Stretching Specialist (P.M.F)
- CPR/First-Aid

Cristina Scott
Certified Trainer

Cristina has been a personal trainer in the fitness and health industry for over 9 years. She has the ability to create fun and engaging workouts for building muscle, increasing strength and shedding fat. Cristina has designed programs for a wide range of clientele with various goals from weight loss to strength gains. She has worked with clients to rehabilitate injuries from Achilles tendinitis to chronic back issues to sever muscle atrophy. Cristina has experience in the corporate wellness sector and developing training programs for hockey and swim teams.

Cristina believes that basic strength is the foundation to perform daily activities seamlessly. You need to lift weight to build muscles to reduce your chance of injury. Cristina specializes in weight loss, cross training, Olympic lifting, power lifting and Strength and Conditioning for general population and athletes.

Cristina has been surrounded by the fitness industry since she was six years old. Following her role model around from group exercise class to group exercise class during the summers until she was fourteen; the spark and love for exercise was ignited. Cristina was a competitive athlete in track and field, soccer and swimming. She was also a competitive dancer during her time studying fitness and health at Humber. Cristina now enjoys participating in sprint triathlons and hitting the gym for her strength and conditioning workouts.

Words To Aspire:
“Change starts now, not tomorrow, for any delay is just an excuse”

- Fitness and Health Diploma from Humber
- Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
- CrossFit Level 1 Coach
- CrossFit Olympic Lifting Coach

Bianca Cruz
Certified Trainer

Bianca has always incorporated Health & Fitness into her life whether it was playing team sports, cooking meals for her family or even meditating. Bianca has been playing competitive sports since she was a little girl but 9 years ago when she started her first season of Field Hockey something clicked. Her love for Field Hockey grew into a passion for how the human body moves and what it is capable of achieving.

Bianca graduated from George Brown College with an honours diploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management. She became certified as a Personal Trainer through the Society of Exercise Physiology which emphasizes correct technique and form of movement for injury prevention. Whether Bianca is helping her clients reach body composition goals, train for a specific sport, injury rehabilitation or simply promote a healthier lifestyle- that’s what motivates her! She ensures her clients take 2 things from every session; knowledge and empowerment. She gives them the information to better understand the ever-growing subject of Health and Fitness and to feel satisfied and stronger leaving a session.

In 2012 Bianca wanted to explore her options in the Fitness industry and teaching Group Classes is something that stood out largely for her. That year she became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach. She incorporates her enthusiasm, energetic personality and her drive to help people reach their goals in every single class.

Bianca believes that the best tool you can ever have is your body; she has a deep desire to help her clients understand this.

Words To Aspire:
“You get out of it what you put into it”

- Fitness and Lifestyle Management Diploma (George Brown)
- Certified Personal Trainer (C.S.E.P)
- Certified Fitness Consultant (C.S.E.P)
- Schwinn Indoor Cycling
- Group Fitness Instructor (C.F.E.S)
- CPR/ First Aid

Mahsa Esmaeili
Registered Dietitian

Mahsa EsmaeiliMahsa Esmaeili is a Registered Dietitian (RD) who has always been passionate about science, food and helping people live healthy and happy lives. She currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Food & Nutrition, as well as a Master’s degree in Health Science specializing in Nutrition Communication from Ryerson University. Mahsa has completed the dietetic internship program at Hamilton Health Sciences where she worked alongside a team of medical professionals specializing in varying disease states and population groups. Mahsa is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario and is also a member of Dietitians of Canada.

With a strong academic and practical science, nutrition and communication background Mahsa enjoys communicating the latest scientific findings to the general public in an easy to understand and practical way. Writing is one of the ways Mahsa communicates nutrition information. She has written articles for Sick Kids’ About Kids Health website which provides parents and caregivers health related answers from health care professionals.

Mahsa also enjoys counselling in individual and group settings to create a strong professional relationship with her clients as well as presenting and facilitating in larger group settings. Although Mahsa enjoys working with all age groups, she is passionate about working with children. She feels that healthy food and nutrition as well creating a positive relationship with food at an early age is extremely important.

As part of the Pure Motivation Fitness team, Mahsa combines her knowledge and experience with the performance nutrition program in the studio to create a well-rounded and customized solution for all members while helping clients reach their overall health and nutrition goals.

In her spare time Mahsa enjoys experimenting with different recipes, writing, being active, and spending time with friends and family.

Words To Aspire:
“Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well.”

Kim Wolfshout
Yoga Instructor

Kim WolfshoutIf you enjoy feeling refreshed, empowered and energized, you won’t want to miss Kim’s yoga class! In Kim’s challengingly playful classes, you’ll learn how to create an awareness of the inner self, with an emphasis on maintaining proper alignment, while improving balance, strength and flexibility – no matter what your level of experience.

Kim’s yoga journey began in Kingston, Ontario while attending Queen’s University. After taking courses in Buddhism and yoga philosophy, while also volunteering to create a yoga curriculum for the inmates at Joyceville Institution, yoga became more than a passion for Kim.

Kim completed a 280-hour training certificate from a studio in Toronto. She will pursue further training in the near future to foster personal and professional growth.Kim Wolfshout Yoga Instructor

Each week, Kim’s classes have an anatomical or therapeutic focus, in addition to yogic breathing exercises. Compliment your workout at the gym with yoga that targets:

  • neck, shoulders and wrists
  • chest
  • core
  • hips and glutes
  • legs, ankles and feet
  • lower, middle and upper back

Words to Aspire:
“See you on the mat!”

Michael Antolini
Personal Trainer

Michael has been an avid sports fan since a young age, particularly of baseball and football, both at the collegiate and professional ranks. Though still focused on athletics and sport, he became particularly interested in fitness and muscle growth and repair while undergoing a long rehabilitation from surgery. Specifically, the way the body is able to grow and repair in response to carefully selected stimuli and also how proper nutrition can enhance this process piqued his interest. Michael received his Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University of Toronto where coursework covered nutrition, exercise physiology, sports injury, and human athletic performance enhancement. Following this, he attended Wilfrid Laurier University to pursue a Master of Science in Kinesiology and completed his thesis on the physical fitness levels of firefighters.

Michael believes that strength and resistance training is the foundation to any successful fitness regime, whether the goal is weight gain or loss. In addition, the lower body should be incorporated into as many workouts as possible to ensure optimal release of natural anabolic hormones.

- M.Sc, Hons. B.Sc, Kinesiology
- NSCA- CSCS (in progress)

Santos Catracchia
Certified Trainer

Growing up through-out elementary school Santos was always on different sports teams but excelled in soccer and cross-country. It was then that he decided being active and athletic was a large part of his life. As years past fitness became more a part of his lifestyle due to the fact he was constantly preparing for endurance races or soccer tournaments and games. Training became a daily regime for Santos and always took it seriously because he sought to be victorious in what he was working towards. Santos grasped the opportunity to attend George Brown College for the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program and completed it with passion. He truly loved what I was going to school for and that helped me acquire my CSEP certification. Santos has been working in the fitness industry for 5 years and helping clients reach a goal and transforming their life is a feeling no words can explain. “I enjoy working with clientele who have diverse and particular goals and a reason for it.Here at PMF i’ll be looking to do the same for you!”

Santos specializes in making sure progression is continuos when it comes to your results! After screening Santos depicts on the current state of your physical fitness and provides a step-by-step program that will transform you into the person you seek out to be; either it being weight loss, weight gain or rehabilitating your injuries.

Santos has his certification through CSEP and has graduated from The fitness and lifestyle management program from George Brown College. He strongly believes in starting any individual off with a basic adaptation program which allows your body to adjust into exercise gradually. He relates your personal fitness goals to your program with an exercise regime that matches your lifestyle.

“Consistency is key”

- Humber Fitness and health Promotion Diploma
- CSEP – PT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists)

Joseph Ho
Certified Trainer

From a small age, Joey was an avid fan of Bruce Lee and other Kung Fu movies. Throughout high school, college, and university, he was on a variety of different sport teams but really kept martial arts close to his heart. From MMA, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jujitsu, he developed a well-rounded technical background in combat sports and sport-specific training. Through several serious injuries he took the chance to learn in a new direction- rehabilitation. Joey of course excelled; he applied the same passion in martial arts to his rehabilitation. This led him to expand his repertoire into functional and technical movements of powerlifting, cross training, and Olympic weightlifting.

After finishing at Western University for the business management program, Joey started his own business in the fitness industry specializing in-home training, bringing his unique style and passion of functional movements and martial arts into the workouts. When the opportunity knocked, he jumped at the chance to learn even more at Humber’s program for health and fitness promotion. It was there he had the chance to work on BIOSTEEL with Dr. Mogjan Rezvani, really focusing on the physiological aspects of the body and the science behind the nutrition and training.

Joey’s philosophy is to keep moving: Always keep changing, improving, and having the courage to strive for more. He can easily kick up or lower the intensity in his workouts. With his wide background in training, you’ll never be bored with the different variations of movements!

As part of the Pure Motivation Fitness team, Joey believes that full range of motion is of key importance in weight gain, loss, injury rehabilitation, or posture work. Additionally, he thinks cardio should be fun and exciting- ask him how and he’ll show you with a session!

- Humber Fitness and health Promotion Diploma
- Canfit- CPT
- First Aid CPR