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Pure Kids Club Fitness

The Problem -> Solution

Obesity levels in children have more than doubled in the last 10 years to over 15% and over 30% of America ‘s youth are considered overweight.

Factors such as video games, fast food, computer games, TV, cuts in school physical education programs, etc. all contribute to this problem. More than 60% of today’s kids do not participate in organized physical activity outside of school.

Lack of exercise is a likely contributor to the dramatic increase in type II diabetes among American children.

Kids club is a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive fitness program combining strength and cardiovascular exercises in structured, supervised formats. Kid’s club is designed to allow each child to reach his/her optimum fitness level and encourages fitness for life in a safe and enjoyable way.

Kid’s club does not use any machines or free weights at all. We use cardiovascular endurance exercises, manual resistance and plyometric training principles which accommodates to the fitness level of each child. We practice safe exercise that does not cause muscle soreness and is safe on joints and growing bones.

In addition to educating your children and helping them understand the growing importance of exercise Kids club offers education in nutrition. Having your kids come home and teach you what is healthy and what is not is the best investment you could ever give your children.

Safe Training

One of the unfortunate myths regarding the training of young athletes is the notion that resistance training is either unsafe or unhealthy for younger adolescent and pre-adolescent athletes. Yet numerous scientific and medical studies have demonstrated that a properly managed resistance training program is safe and has no negative impact on epiphyseal (growth) plate development. Furthermore, young athletes who participate in a regular, well-supervised strength training program generally experience fewer and less severe injuries on the field than athletes who train improperly or not at all.

The myths surrounding young athletes and strength training are usually based on reports of injuries incurred in the course of training. Yet such injuries are nearly always the result of poor technique. For this reason, our focus is to have your children learn safe, fun and effective training techniques so they can improve and increase their natural athletic performance for a lifetime of success.