About Dr. Anita Moosavi

Dr. Anita Moosavi is a Medical Doctor from Iran with over 10 years of practical experience. She also successfully obtained her second doctorate degree from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. In addition, Dr. Moosavi completed a clinical rotation, including rigorous academic learning in mental health that exclusively focused on the evaluation and management of mental health disorders in the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic.

She is a passionate, hard-working and dedicated Naturopathic Doctor. With patients’ health as the first priority, Dr. Moosavi is committed and driven to consistently provide a patient-centric service to all her patients; while helping patients to achieve new health and life goals through natural medical methods.
Individualized treatments and a focus on exploring and addressing the root cause of diseases are her main goals of helping her patients.

Dr. Moosavi’s main focus is family medicine, where she addresses: mood disorders including depression, anxiety and insomnia, chronic inflammatory conditions, digestive diseases, women’s health, cardiovascular diseases, skin care, and weight management.

Therapeutic modalities include Nutritional therapy – Orthomolecular medicine, Botanical medicine, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine – Acupuncture, Physical medicine, Cupping, Hydrotherapy, and lifestyle counseling.

Dr. Moosavi strongly believes that everybody deserves to have optimal health and wellness and that the human body can heal itself naturally.

Dr. Anita Moosavi' Strengths

Functional Medicine


Digestive Issues, Skin Concerns, Mind & Mood


Weight Loss & Weight Gain


Chronic Disease (Diabetes,Thyroid, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune)


Mens and women's hormonal issues



  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Acupuncture Specialist

Meet Dr. Anita Moosavi

What do you say to the person who’s afraid to begin exercising?
Health is a journey. Your goal will not happen overnight and there will be ups and downs. A healthy life requires daily work. Your health is your most important investment and through daily exercise and diet your desired results. This is the best gift you can give society, your friends & family, and most of all yourself. Live life through PMF!

Favourite Exercise?

Least Favourite Exercise?
Split lunges

What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?
Spending time with my family

Who do you look up to & why?
My family

Guilty Indulgence?
Ice cream

If you were a superhero who would it be & why?
Thor – I just love that hammer!

Your secret to success?
Perseverance = Success

It's never too early or too late, to work towards being the healthiest you

Dr Demetre Katrivanos ND