About Jahbrel Jordan

The love of fitness and athletics was instilled in Jahbrel at a young age when he was first signed up for a youth baseball team by his parents. This passion carried on from elementary school straight through to high school where over the years Jahbrel shined through and participated on many of the varsity teams at his high school ranging from his Basketball team to track and field and volleyball team.

His love for sports became evident as he would play and compete on multiple teams and sessions throughout the week.

During Jahbrels college years, like many people he had to make the transition from sports to education and make his schooling his priority by not having the luxury of playing multiple sports a day due to his studies his passion for competing and sport moved to strength training in the gym.

This is where strength training, functional training and powerlifting were introduced, and to Jahbrel it better fit his schedule and gave him new found passion to pursue sports without the competitive nature or time constraints most team sports had.
This provided a new fresh challenge within the fitness space and added benefit of improved self-confidence, advanced athletic knowledge and the beginning or wanting to be involved in a sport that not only changed his life and physique but the lives and health of others too.

Once introduced to the bodybuilding style training he was intrigued to continue learning and growing as a coach but now share that wealth of knowledge with others.

Meet Jahbrel Jordan

Jahbrel Jordan's Strengths



Strength training




Weight loss



  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA – CSCS)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR

Meet Jahbrel Jordan

What do you say to the person who’s afraid to begin exercising?

Everyone starts somewhere, why not here and now? You can start a month later, or you can start now and in a month’s time have already made progress.

Favorite Exercise?

Chest Press

Least Favorite Exercise?

Split Squats

What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?

Play Basketball and Read

Who do you look up to & why?

My parents because they accomplished a lot after coming to a new country and having to start a new life.

Guilty Indulgence?


If you were a superhero who would it be & why?

Superman because he has plenty of abilities.

Your secret to success?

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, meaning life gets hard at times but if you can push through it it’ll get better, no giving up.

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, then what you want will become the sacrifice

Jahbrel Jordan