About Sabrina

Sabrina has been an active person since a very young age and since 9 she has been involved in dance and choreography. She competed with her studio at competitions all around the world, and during her final year at her studio, she met hip hop choreographer and dancer Leon Blackwood. This was a turning point for her as she realized she wanted to focus on hip hop and further her abilities in this style.

When she turned 16, she decided to leave her studio and focus on the style of dance she most preferred. Leon became her mentor and taught her more about the hip-hop industry. Travelling around with him she was given many opportunities; he chose her to be a featured dancer for team Canada and they traveled to Germany to compete in the World of dance championships. Sabrina and her team brought home a bronze medal and made our Country very proud as they were the smallest group in the event. Since then, Sabrina has been teaching dance to all ages as well as taking classes for herself so that she can continue her passion for this art.

Being around dancers and other athletes her whole life Sabrina grew a love for the human body, finishing high school she decided to further her education and is now in her second year of Kinesiology at the University of Guelph-Humber. She hopes to become a sports medicine doctor and be able to treat other athletes. During her first year of university, she learned more about health and fitness and her passion grew. She hopes to share her knowledge with others and inspire them to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Dance is like fitness as they both take a great deal of commitment. Sabrina was lucky to have an amazing mentor by her side to keep pushing her to her fullest potential. Sabrina now hopes to mentor others and be the person that can help them reach their goals. Life is full of surprises but with consistency and support from others you will be able to stay on track and become the best version of yourself!