About Daniel

From a young age, Daniel exhibited a deep passion for fitness and sports, diving into activities like hockey, soccer, and swimming. As the years progressed, hockey took center stage in his life. He not only played but also trained alongside esteemed NHL players in recent times. A defining moment in his athletic journey came in 2017 when he was drafted into the OHL, affirming his prowess in the sport. Daniel credits his remarkable journey in athletics and subsequent fitness career to the invaluable guidance of trainers he was fortunate to work with during his formative years.

While many embark on a fitness journey with goals centered around physical transformation, Daniel believes that the true essence of fitness transcends mere aesthetics. As individuals delve deeper into this realm, they unearth benefits that encompass reduced stress, enhanced mental clarity, and a lifestyle marked by contentment and fulfillment.

Daniel’s dedication to fitness and sports culminated academically when he graduated with honors in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. His rich history in sport-specific training not only paved his academic path but also opened doors to exceptional opportunities. During his tenure at the university, Daniel undertook two notable internships in Europe. In Spain, he played a pivotal role as a junior physiotherapist, assisting members of the Villareal Futbol Club with exercise rehabilitation. Meanwhile, in Greece, he extended his expertise by facilitating rehab movements for post-surgery patients. These experiences deepened his comprehension of Kinesiology and broadened his perspective on the global fitness industry.


– Honors Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Sports Management (Western University)
– Standard First Aid – CPR

Meet Coach Daniel

My Strengths

Muscular Strength


Sports Specific Training




Muscular Power


What does being a fitness coach mean to you?

1) What does being a fitness coach mean to you?

Being a fitness coach means guiding individuals on their journey towards improved physical well-being while providing advice, motivation and support to help clients reach their goals.

2) At PURE Motivation Fitness we believe…

At PURE Motivation Fitness we believe we can provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle.

3) Why should you want to train with me?…

I provide a dynamic and energetic approach that can ignite a higher level of determination that will allow you to break through mental and physical barriers during an intense workout.

4) Being part of team PURE motivation fitness to me means?…

Being part of team PURE motivation fitness to me means being part of a group that closely works together to make sure that the goals you want to reach are surpassed.


What do you say to the person who’s afraid to begin exercising?
Never try and beat or reach the goals of others, just try to set and smash the goals you set in place and you’ll soon realize how much you’ve achieved

Favorite Exercise?
Hang Power Clean

Least Favorite Exercise?

What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?
Cook, Play hockey, Watch football with friends and family

Who do you look up to & why?
Kobe Bryant because he didn’t want to settle for being the best, but was dedicated to becoming the greatest and I believe if anyone was to have that much drive in a certain goal, they would be able to achieve that and more. 

Guilty Indulgence?

If you were a superhero who would it be & why?
Thor because he’s a god and the most powerful, plus he can fly which is pretty neat too

Your secret to success?
Two secrets to success are commitment and consistency because, “without commitment you’ll never start, but without consistency, you’ll never finish” – Denzel Washington

“without commitment you’ll never start, but without consistency, you’ll never finish”

Denzel Washington