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Mismanaged Government Stage 2 Closure For Micro Gyms

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In this short Video Coach, Dimitri Giankoulas whos been a certified coach and Personal Training manager for 24 years expresses his frustration, and extreme disappointment in the mismanaged Government Stage 2 Closure For Micro Gyms, restaurants, bars, and Studios.

Hi everyone!
Do you believe it’s fair for hard-working, dedicated small business owners that make up 75% of Ontario’s workforce should have to be shut down due to being clumped up and categorized as their larger bigger box corporate fitness chain competitors?

Do you feel its fair that large corporate chains such as Walmart & Costco, LCBO should be allowed to remain open when they have line ups of people walking into their stores, talking touching and being within proximity, receive subsidies and rental assistance while and thriving, some even 3Xing the number of profits due to the Covid19 pandemic, while restaurants, bars, and gyms are now forced to shut down for a second time making it a total of 5.5 months of being forced to shut down? That’s almost half a year of having to close when there has been no data, nor full stats showing that we are the cause of the increased contractions?

Having been a personal trainer and managing coaches for over 24 years, having worked in Big Box, Small box, and private Fitness studios over my career, and owning my own Micro Gym I would love to share the insider’s perspective of what is really happening in the fitness industry and the challenges and struggles small business owners like myself and hundreds of others are going through with the mismanaged government approach to Covid19 closures.

The three main things I feel that are mismanaged are:
• Thousands of Statistics show that you can’t beat Covid19 if you are not physically healthy and at your peak level. Families need Fitness for proper mental, physical & spiritual health and should have the choice to decide whether they wish to participate or not. Suppressing the immune system of thousands of people only makes matters worse and the mental health issues will surpass the covid problem we are seeing in the next 6-12 months when small business owners all begin to lose their companies.

• Fairness amongst Mirco Gym (Small Boutique Fitness Studios ) should not be labeled and included in the same category as gyms that are 1,2 and sometimes 3x the square footage. The Mismanaged process by the government that fails to provide proper notice to small business owners and nor the support needed to get the clear facts about how they can pay their employees and all stipulations vs. having to go online. Micro Boutique Fitness studio /gym owners have & can pivot, adjust, and make drastic changes to their operations that many big-box chains /restaurants cannot do thus making them safer areas to operate out of.

• So many millions of dollars are being placed on giving funding to so many areas during Covid19 but the Government is doing nothing to spend time /resources learning what micro gym /restaurant owners are doing to keep themselves socially distanced and safe. Giving gym owners, restaurant owners, and bar/studio owners 2 days notice over a Saturday and Sunday that you will be closed on Monday is unacceptable, and not enough time for owners to be able to find out the proper info on employee terms, employment insurance questions even time to plan out a proper closure.

We have a full community of members who are happy to come to our studio, follow and abide by the processes that we have put in place, and cooperate in doing what’s necessary to keep the studio, the staff, and the members safe and properly distanced.

We thank you for your time in viewing this video appreciate your support and would love to hear from you. you can reach us at [email protected] or leave a comment below. please share this with anyone you feel it can reach and bring attention to this matter.
As always Attitude is Everything and we love all your support.

Coach Dimitri