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8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Body Type

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Knowing Your Body TypeMy entire life has been devoted to helping people better themselves, improve their fitness, their nutrition and their mindset to overcome fears! That’s a coach’s job and I want to know that until I leave this planet I’m always going to strive my best to come up with new fitness strategies for you all to learn.

Today I wanted to share with you 8 Things You Don’t Know About Your Body Type!

According to Phil Catudal, a celebrated National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)–certified personal trainer in the Los Angeles area 70% of people training today don’t know how to train or eat for their body type, nor have they ever heard about it!

This is crazy, and if it’s my duty to spread the word and help educate everyone then I’m ready to do so.

“Each of us has a genetic and physiological design that determines our body type, or somatotype, and different body types have different responses to certain fitness programs,” says Catudal, a global health coach and the author of Just Your Type: The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Training Right for Your Body Type. So it could be that you or the men and women you see at the gym are performing the right exercises the right way — but they’re optimal for someone else’s body type, not yours.

It’s a common mistake, and it can be easily remedied by properly identifying your body type — whether you’re an ectomorph, a mesomorph, or an endomorph — then figuring out how to challenge your body with the right regimen. Here are nine other things you probably didn’t know about the optimal ways to train for your body type.

1. There’s a Good Chance You’re Misclassifying Your Body Type

“Very few people see themselves accurately — in my experience, about 50 percent of people misclassify their body type,”. Some endomorphs (who generally have a larger bone structure with wider hips, narrower shoulders, and more pear-shaped bodies) may believe they’re mesomorphs (who have naturally muscular, athletic builds). Meanwhile, some ectomorphs (who tend to be lean and slender with a small to medium frame and relatively long limbs) may identify themselves as endomorphs, especially if they have a soft midsection.

The most common reasons for these cases of mistaken identity? People have general body insecurities, they have become de-conditioned, or they’re excessively critical of their bodies. It’s easy to fall into these traps. “The ‘body ideals’ that are portrayed in the media are often digitally altered or enhanced with special filters or other forms of manipulation. Which means they’re not real!”. And this usually leaves the rest of us with potentially warped perceptions of what descriptors like “slender,” “lean,” “muscular,” and “big-boned” actually mean.

2. Most People Are Hybrids of Two Body Types Rather Than Pure Breeds

It’s kind of like personality types. We sometimes group people into general categories, but the good news is that being a combination body type means you have the strengths of two different body types to work with — for instance, you may naturally have both the endurance of an ectomorph and the muscle strength of a mesomorph, which can lead to big training gains.

In most instances, body types lie on a spectrum, which means that you could have a dominant body type with a few characteristics of another one or a body type that has qualities that are evenly divided between two different ones, Catudal says.

“The most common natural hybrids are ecto-mesomorphs, who have long, lean limbs and broader chests and shoulders, and meso-endomorphs, who have thick but compact physiques that are muscular, not soft,” he says.

Eco-Endomorphs, on the other hand, tend to have thin legs but substantial fat storage in the midsection — which is usually because they’ve spent years consuming a poor-quality diet and being sedentary. “This body type is usually a result of behaviour, not genetics,” which means it can be improved with a healthier diet and exercise regimen.

3. For All Body Types, Diet Determines Your Body’s Size or Volume, While Exercise Determines Your Shape

The golden rule will never change guys! So don’t even think about trying to out-train a bad diet. “At the end of the day, if you are taking in too much food or the wrong types of food, your body is going to grow in bad ways,” he says.

But paying attention to diet alone is unlikely to get you the body you want. “Exercise determines your muscle-to-fat ratio,”. “It’s what’s going to sculpt and tone your muscles and give you the definition.” It’s when you eat well and train wisely that your body will become tighter and more toned in good ways.

4. If You’re an Ectomorph, You Don’t Need as Much Aerobic Exercise as Other Body Types to Stay Slim

Because they’re already lean by nature, ectomorphs don’t need much cardio. “If ectomorphs do too much cardio, their cortisol levels may increase, which signals their body to store fat because their body believes it’s under stress,”. “It’s why you often see runners who are skinny-fat — skinny in the legs with excess belly fat.”

What ectomorphs really need to get toned muscles and to prevent overuse injuries and common chronic problems like back pain and osteoporosis, he says, is to add muscle mass and strength through strength-training exercises.

“Focus on doing ‘compound lifts’ — ones that use multiple joints and muscle groups, such as deadlifts and squats with dumbbells — a few days per week, and you’ll get the toned, sculpted results you want,” this is what I personally recommend. If you’re not ready for exercises with weights, you could do a combination move of a push-up into a side plank (after you finish a push-up, lift one arm toward the ceiling and move into a side plank; return to a plank position and repeat on the opposite side).

5. For Maintenance, Low-Intensity, Steady-State Cardio Is Most Important for Mesomorphs

If you’re happy with your size and shape and want to stay that way, your best bet as a mesomorph is to focus the majority of your workouts on low- to moderate-intensity cardio. It can be as simple as brisk walking, performed at 65 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate.

But be forewarned: “Because mesomorphs have fewer slow-twitch muscle fibres [which have a high aerobic capacity and are used in distance running, for example], they have lower endurance levels, which can lead to frustration or fitness plateaus if they don’t manage their training properly,” That’s why it’s wise for mesomorphs to change up their workout styles — with occasional sprints or HIIT, for example — on a regular basis. You might think of this as a way of tricking your muscles and cardiorespiratory system to get fitter faster because you’re specifically working on the types of activity that don’t come as naturally to you.

6. Shapely, Curvy Endomorphs Have the Potential to Be Super-Strong Athletes With Well-Defined Muscles

Endomorphs are generally stronger, bigger and more broad-built people and tend to be superior for strength programs or exercises. Just look at any strong man/woman competition in the world. they are not tall, lean, defined or ripped, they are round, thicker in build, wider joints, hips, elbows, ankles and tend to do poorly with long distance cardiovascular exercises.

To get there, start with a low- to moderate-intensity cardio regimen to torch stubborn fat stores especially in the am on empty stomach, then add a strength-training program once you’ve made progress. “The cardio is more important in terms of conditioning and fat loss and you need to move min 5-6x per week with a mix of weights and cardio. There is no way around it you need to burn more calories than you consume but in general, you need to spike your body’s natural slower state of expenditure. “.

And once you get to the strength-building part of the equation, keep in mind that endomorphs are particularly responsive to isolation exercises (working one muscle at a time). So, targeting your quads with squats and lunges and targeting your biceps with biceps curls, for example, will likely be effective.

7. Every Body Type Can Benefit From HIIT Workouts, but Endomorphs Do the Most

These days, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage in the fitness world, and it’s easy to see why: With HIIT, you get a greater bang for your buck, especially because the workouts often last just 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll torch more calories, build muscle, and push your heart rate more than you can with steady-state exercise (like jogging or cycling at the same pace for the same amount of time).

Plus, you end up burning calories at a faster rate after the workout (called the EPOC or after burn effect) as your body recovers. “It’s a shock to the system, telling your body to burn more body fat, which is why it’s especially efficient for endomorphs, who tend to naturally store more fat than the other body types and your body is in search of additional oxygen.

8. You Don’t Have to Do Full-Body Strength-Training Workouts ALL The Time

We all need strength training, yes, but we don’t have to do full body workouts all the time! Especially for Ectomorphs after your initial weight gaining period as it will burn too many calories per day and not allow you to heal fast enough.

For people under age 60, it’s actually more effective to train one or two body parts at a time and push yourself to the point of exhaustion and then focus on other muscle groups on alternate days. That means you might focus on strength-training moves for your chest and back one day, your legs and arms another day, and your core a third day. (Or, you could choose your own pairings.)

If you train those specific muscles on those days with a greater volume — more reps or more sets — you’ll stimulate greater activation in your muscles, which will allow you to build more muscle in that area! In addition, Your workouts will continue to feel fresh as you rotate your efforts among body parts. It’s also a way to build in rest for the different muscle groups on the days when you’re focusing on other muscle groups, as you want to be sure to avoid working for the same muscle groups two days in a row: Muscles need time to recover and rebuild in order to develop strength, and you don’t want to risk injuring yourself.

Hope you enjoyed today’s tip and if you did please help me share the knowledge with others so they too can learn and become their best version of themselves.


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ENDOMORPH: The Body Builder & Their Struggle With Weight Loss?

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Are you the type of client has has always struggled with weight gain or weight issues? Are you the type of male or female that no matter how hard you work out, not matter how clean you try to eat or no matter how far away you try to stay from sweets & junk food that gaining weight comes so easy for you that its almost frustrating to even want to eat anymore?

You’ve tried, low carb, medium carb, no carb, soup diets, chicken and salad diets and sometimes even just skip meals because you feel its more satisfying to forget about eating and maybe the weight will burn off on its own through fasting?

Ive seen this before, Ive witnessed this before and our team and I have helped thousands of members over our 15 years of operation break this weight gain phenomenon and made sense of it all to our many Endomorphic members that have sometimes never hard of this body type philosophy and the challenges that can affect your fitness journey when not armed with the right knowledge and understanding of your unique body type.


An endomorph has a thicker bone structure and a tendency to have wider shoulders to waist ratio, appear overweight and often lacks definition. Strength and size come easily for endomorphs who are generally softer and rounder and tend to store fat easily. Endomorphs tend to have curvy, fuller figures and struggle to keep their body-fat percentage in check.

Endomorphs have unforgiving metabolisms. Endomorphs have to make a conscious, calculated effort to not over consume calories or be in a caloric surplus. Exercise, such as walking or running, must become a part of the endomorph’s weekly (or daily) routine.

Exercise is an absolute must. To maintain an optimal body composition and efficient metabolism, the endomorph must train hard both with cardio and weights as well as strive to enjoy more functional daily activity.

Endomorphs most commonly, though not always, have larger frames with medium to large articulations (joints), smooth round contours with waist and hips dominating over chest coupled with significantly high muscle mass.

Endomorphic individuals often tend to be more sluggish and lack energy due to a hypo-reactive (very slow) metabolic rate (BMR). They store excess calories as fat much faster than the other two body types due to the slower metabolism


Even though people with this body type may have a harder time maintaining a healthy weight, with a good diet and regular consistent exercise there is no reason why they cannot have a slim appearance. As extra weight is a key problem area for individuals with this body type, the first thing to consider when working out is a program which burns calories, in conjunction with a low calorie diet.

Cardio type workouts are generally considered to be the most effective either immediately after exercise, first thing in the morning or on non weight training days for this, however if an individual is overweight, it may be necessary to choose a cardio activity that is low impact such as swimming, walking/ jogging, rowing or cycling, at least at first, to avoid unnecessary strain on the joints.

Training immediately in the morning or mid day is best for your body type as you get your body’s natural furnace going early on to burn calories throughout the day. If you cannot train until the evening, make sure you do so at higher intensities. For most workouts, weight training should be kept at the high range utilizing body weight movements along with lighter free weight compound movements.

Cardio is an endomorphs best asset as you will need to be active five to six days per week. High intensity cardio (otherwise known as metabolic conditioning) will need to be a component of virtually every session.

Many Endomorphs have been successful by splitting their workout sessions to morning cardio on empty stomach alongside a mid-day or evening workout.

Inactive endomorphs can start with 20 minutes per day pushing up to 45 to 60 minutes after a few weeks. The longer and more intense your bodyweight training and cardio workouts are, the greater the fat lose.

Vary workouts training in the 15-20-or 25 rep range, resting very little with a 30-60 second maximum. You may also train with time based repetitions instead of counting reps such as doing 3 exercises back to back for 30 to 45 seconds, even 1min long to burn maximum calories and shock the body.

Endomorphs will plateau quickly so they should add sprints, kettlebell swings, jump rope, cycling, classes and martial arts to their training programs regularly. Endomorphs benefit from full- total body workouts four times a week.

“The challenge for most Endomorphs is that they need to ensure they are active more than the other body types (min 4-5x week) regardless of how well their nutritional intake or program is. Exercise & movement are the catalysts to a faster metabolism.”




We help Busy Business professionals & Stressed Moms & Dads look better naked, regain their work-life-family balance & improve sex drive in < than 90 days by teaching them to eat & exercise for their unique body-types without having to obsess about fitness, be stuck dieting & eat 2 dinners every night!

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ENDOMORPH: Fat Loss Tips

By Body Type

Top 4 Fat loss Training Tips For The Endomorph

1. Do exercises using your body weight
2. Do compound exercises
3. Combo training
4. Get moving!

Want to learn more about the endomorph body type?

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MESOMORPH: Remarkable Ability To Gain & Lose Body Fat

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It’s amazing! We are back to being open!

It feels amazing to finally be open again and be able to do what we do best and what gives us coaches all the gratification of doing our job and that’s being happy to: CHANGE LIVES!

This Tuesday, I’m going to be sharing some training tips, nutrition hacks and mental toughness/emotional training strategies that each individual body type should follow and incorporate into your training to help you get the most results with PURE Motivation Fitness. This information will also help you learn more about science, genetics and how our unique bodies work with and in some cases, against us.

Let me ask you a question? Are you the body -type or the person that has always been able to gain weight with ease and to lose weight as well (for example, can you notice results in a matter of 2 weeks)?

Are you able to put on muscle with ease, lift heavier weights each week and also lose weight on the scale easily when you actually start to lift weights, do some cardio, or change your diet?

Do you know of anyone or any friends of yours that don’t practice exercise regularly but when they do, even if it’s for a month they automatically start to lose fat and gain muscle with little to no effort?

If so, then bravo, today we will be speaking about the 2nd of 3 Body Types: The Mesomorph


A mesomorph has medium bone structure, good symmetry, and the ability to make muscle gains. Naturally athletic, mesos, can easily become top body builders or strength athletes. It’s typically easier to build muscle mass, are generally proportionally built and can lose and gain weight without much difficulty. An individual who is a mesomorph, usually also has an upright posture.

This body type tends to have a longer torso and short limbs. Women with a mesomorph body type are strong and athletic. Mesomorphs excel in explosive sports requiring power and speed as they have a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers. The genetic makeup of Mesomorphs suits power and strength.

Mesomorphs are the most “muscular or athletically built” of the three body types. They are characterized by broad, square shoulders and small waists; medium joint circumference and are naturally strong, muscular in shape with high energy levels and athletic abilities – even before training.

Mesomorphs are known to fluctuate in weight and have the remarkable ability to gain and lose muscle or fat with minimal effort.

Athletically, for power and strength, the mesomorphic genetic types are superior. They respond quickly to training due to their medium metabolism and greater fast twitch muscle fibers, however must be mindful to maintain discipline and consistency with their diet, as mesomorphs can easily gain fat and muscle.

Cardiovascular exercises must be accompanied with most training regimens to offset for the medium speed in metabolism.


For training, focus on moderate endurance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and plyometrics. ‘Mesos’ can add in Pilates or yoga to lengthen with strength. To maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) , eat high -quality fats with moderate carbohydrate consumption and consider timing protein and branched chain amino acid (BCAA) intake. On non-training/ exercising days, mesomorphs should skip pre- training snacks and have green tea or coffee in the afternoon. They should eat their usual pre- dinner and evening snacks and limit carbohydrates at night.

“The challenge for most Mesomorphs is that they can easily bulk up gaining too much muscle, if diet and the proper exercise routine is not controlled. Using hybrid training works best with Strength and Metabolic Cardio Circuits.”

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Endomorph meal pure motivaiton fitness

We help Busy Business professionals & Stressed Moms & Dads look better naked, regain their work-life-family balance & improve sex drive in < than 90 days by teaching them to eat & exercise for their unique body-types without having to obsess about fitness, be stuck dieting & eat 2 dinners every night!

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ECTOMORPH: Fast Matabolism & Resisting Weight Gain

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Hope you had an amazing Family Day? If you live in Canada the 3rd Monday of February is a National Family Holiday every year and I love it because it forces us to stop and take time to block out everything else and remember about FAMILY.!

Coach Dimitri here, and every Tuesday I’m going to be sharing with you some training tips, nutrition hacks, and mental strategies that each body type should follow or work within to help each and every one of you get the most results with PURE Motivation Fitness and help you learn more about science, genetics and how our unique bodies work together and against us.

Let me ask you a question? Do you know of anyone that can eat all the time, eat high-calorie foods, even eat a lot and not exercise but still does not gain weight?

Do you know of anyone or any friends that don’t practice exercise regularly but when they do even if it’s for a month they automatically start to lose fat and gain muscle with little to no effort?

If so then Voila, you have met the 1st of 3 Body Types and I’m a prime example of a fit Ectomorph at 42 and have dedicated my life to helping men and women just like you learn more about their body types.

An ectomorph has a light bone structure, long limbs, is not thick from the side profile with a flat narrow chest.

These individuals often have a hard time building and gaining strength. Long-limbed and not particularly muscular ectomorphs can be ‘skinny fat’ meaning a low weight and/or small size with a high body fat percentage.

Ectomorphs resist weight gain because of a fast metabolism. They can overeat without gaining much weight. This body type has little to less observable body fat, is lightly muscled, and has a smaller more linear frame and joints.

When training, focus on power and resistance to build strength. To maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as an ectomorph, eat good-quality fats with a moderate protein intake of 25 to 30 grams per meal (four meals per day if you have a pre-training minimal) along with good-quality carbohydrates.

On non-training/exercising days, do not skip the mid-morning snack: Breakfast is hearty enough but you will still need more fuel to carry you through. After you have your afternoon snack, you may want to ensure you have 1-2 smaller dinners to ensure you not too low in calories. Remember if your goal is to gain muscle you need to eat!

Ectomorphs tend to have overly efficient metabolisms coupled with natural-born endurance, speed, and agility. They do not store carbohydrates as fat as easily as others and have difficulty gaining weight. Due to their high heat and energy expenditure, Ecto’s often burn more calories than they consume and can very rapidly drop weight and body fat percentage.

Ectomorphs are encouraged to conserve energy by slowing down and learning strategies to relax, reduce worry and get more sleep. Cardio is often counterproductive if you’re trying to add weight or size and should be kept to a minimum as daily hyperactivity is often commonplace.

The Ectomorph must avoid over-training and should get in and out of the gym quickly, refuel with proper nutrition and allow ample time for recovery between workouts. Skipping meals is NOT an option and will result in rapid muscle loss.

Endomorph meal pure motivaiton fitness

We help Busy Business professionals & Stressed Parents, look better naked, regain their energy & improve sex drive in < than 90 days by teaching them to Eat & Exercise for their unique body-types without having to obsess about fitness, be stuck dieting & eat 2 dinners every night!

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PURE Q A With Coach Dimitri

Body Time Training: 5 Minute Friday Q & A

By Body Type

Five Minute Friday Q & A

PURE Motivation Five Minute Friday Q & A Episode 4 Today we are answering the following

1. I’m an ectomorph trying to build muscle but don’t want to overeat carbs and get a belly is it possible?

2. I have Endomorphic Body Type features based on your Ebook classification and I wondered isn’t it better to remove carbs from my diet in total to lose weight?

3. I have Mesomorphic Body Type and wanted to ask why to gain so much muscle and bulk up too quickly.