Cardio And Burning Fat Myths

Basics Of Cardio And Burning Fat: 5 Min Friday Q & A

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Five Minute Friday Q & A

Are you stressed that your treadmill and skipping rope sessions that leave you dripped in sweat are still not helping you burn stubborn body fat?

How frustrating and demotivating is it when you try to follow fitness programs you found online or from a friend and don’t see results? You change it up each week and still feel stuck?

Are you the guy or girl trying to build lean mass & drop body fat at the same time and pissed that you never ever able to do both?

I get it, I understand, I once was skinny, weighed 147 lbs wet, and could never build any muscle until I learned how to eat and exercise for my body type.

I’ve put together the answers to the 3 questions from you (the viewer) based on cardio, body composition, and program design.

Q1- If I want to burn a lot of body fat what’s the best cardio program to do?
Q2- How long should I wait to change my exercise program?
Q3- Can I lose body fat while building muscle at the same time?

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3 Ways To Accelerate Your Training Just By Breathing Differently: 5 Min Friday Q&A

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Five Minute Friday Q & A

Do you think about breathing when you exercise? Do you actually take the time to think of the way you will inhale, hold and exhale your breath? Most people don’t and today I’m tacking an amazing 3 questions sent to us by our viewers on Breathing Tips.

#Q1 What is 3 (B) Breathing?

Stands for Brace Before Breath.
Its a form of Diaphragmatic Breathing that increases Intra-abdominal pressure and strength
Reduces risk of injury
Stabilizes Midsection/ Core
Improves Posture & Neutral Spine Position
Keeps Focus on braced truck region

#Q2 What is the REST -Pause Principle?

Intensity extending method praised by many for its strength and hypertrophy benefits
its when you do a specific amount of reps till failure, rest for 15-30sec, and then repeat for a # of sets until you reach the target rep. For example:
Set 1 8 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 2
Set 2 4 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 3
Set 3 2 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 4
Set 4 1 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 5
Set 5 1 reps till failure…stop

#Q3 What is the PRESS Pause principle?

Focus on the eccentric portion of the training (lowering phase)
Hold stretched out position with control, pausing with the full load then exploding up
Increases load, volume, and time under tension
Increases ROM, mobility and stability of the joint.
Jan 21, 2021

Eat Right Train Right for Your Bodytype eBook is Not Working Either

Signs You Are Over-Training & Adjustments Aimed For Recovery

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Eat Right Train Right for Your Bodytype eBook is Not Working Either

Coach D here again!

The number one question I am asked when approached by a new client is how many times a week do I need to train? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits all answer. Honestly, it depends. It is hard to give an exact answer because several factors play a role: How intense is each workout? Are you warming up correctly? Are you following a nutrition plan? The thing we need to watch out for is over-training. While over-training can occur in a variety of different ways, it typically results from a combination of hormonal, neuroendocrine, and nutritional imbalances, secondary to heavy training & poor recovery.

The Signs of Over-training

Although it can produce positive outcomes, intense training completed too frequently without sufficient rest, can compromise a client’s muscular, endocrine, and immune systems, as well as psychological state. Signs and symptoms of over-training can be:

1. Underperformance
2. Extreme muscle soreness or stiffness during and in-between training sessions
3. Unintentional weight loss
4. Chronic fatigue
5. Swollen lymph nodes
6. Depression and/or anxiety
7. Sleep disturbances

When a client’s Over-trained

If over-training is suspected, a few simple changes can help promote recovery while minimizing stress. To assist in the recovery from over-training, we may suggest dietary modifications, as well as support the need for rest and off days during training.

1.  Dietary Modifications: Consuming a clean, well-balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory Omega-3s, and antioxidants can help support recovery. We encourage our clients to add more fruits, vegetables, & some whole grains, to help manage inflammation

2. Rest: Five weeks of rest, which should include off and light training days, supports sustainable recovery. I don’t mean take 5 weeks off but drop the intensity, decrease the load your lifting or increasing rest times in between sets is something to note. Although clients will recover at their own rate depending on the severity at which they’ve over trained, steady and constant recovery should not be rushed.
I understand that we all have goals, and we are often willing to do most anything to reach those goals, but when we do not listen to our bodies that is when we can do real damage, Training 6 or 7 days in a row, has been shown to do more harm than good especially if it goes on for several weeks at a time.

I train for size and strength ( yes I know isn’t it too hard on your body to pound heavy weights for years?) Yes, but I do perform self Myofacial release exercises with Foam rollers, lacrosse balls and Thera massage guns. But you will start to break down muscle, and with no recovery days, you will never give your body a chance to build and repair. Maintaining a proper exercise schedule along with a good diet, will keep you on a path to your goals.

My suggestion for different types of goals and body types.

Ectomorph: Trying to gain size: 3-4 days per week max training and it should be 1-2 days on with 1 day off then repeating
Mesomorph: Trying to lose weight and tone: 4-5x week is sufficient and due to the fact that your not lifting with such high weight as a weight gainer you can do 2-4 days straight then add a rest day.
Endomorph: Trying to lose 20+ lbs & Improve Body Composition: I would suggest you move your body at min 5-6x week. The best combo is to do 3x week on then take one day off and repeat.

Remember we tell our kids that they need min 30-45min of exercise daily…what about us?

Contact us today by clicking HERE if you’d like to learn more about achieving your fitness and nutrition goals or if you feel you need any help setting up an In-Home Workout program or online assistance.

Pure Motivation Fitness 5 min friday Tips

Questions About Strength Training & Nutitrion: 5 Minute Friday Q & A

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Five Minute Friday Q & A

Hi guys happy Friday and I hope you are all excited to enjoy another beautiful weekend without any snow!!!

First & foremost thanks to everyone that sends us your most important questions that need answering and Id like to ask again:
*Send me 2-3 questions that you have and we can give you a shout out too*
Today’s post is about the following 3 questions:

1) What can I do at home to get stronger if I don’t have heavy equipment?
2) What should I eat after every exercise session?
3) What can we eat if we’re hungry late at night at 9 or 10 pm?

It’s important to know that you can always build strength even if you don’t have heavy dumbbells by training smart. Pre exhausting is the best method and can be done for any muscle group.

Consuming a protein shake or having a meal that’s easily digestible post-workout is the best for optimal absorption and recovery, and will assist with fat loss and muscle building

And when it comes to eating late at night remember…every meal needs a protein carb and fat regardless of the time, the only difference is that late at night you can replace the starchy carb or fruit carb with veggies to ensure your not spiking your blood sugar.

Please help me spread the positive word and vibes of health and fitness and sharing this with anyone you feel this post will help! Comment below and let me know if you have any questions that we can answer for you.

Pure Motivation Fitness Friday Tips on Health by client

Why Every Female Regardless of Age, Should Strength Train & Lift Heavier Weights!

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For over 22 years working as a fitness coach nothing drives me (and sometimes my staff) up the walls with frustration when we hear a new female members say, “I just want to tone, not be bulky!”

Then they tell us about how they found this great home routine where they just use a can of soda to perform 100 reps to achieve this “toned” look or that they want to do more cardio, Bootcamp based training or not lift as much weights? Let’s look past the fact there is a massive misconception that you can’t tone muscles. They only grow or shrink but it’s often something engraved in their minds due to seeing mistakes in their previous program or fearing they will look bulky.

Often when we dig a little deeper with our clients most of them will tell us what they mean is, that they want to have a little more muscle but with more definition and not bulk.


OK, how do we achieve this?


The only way to get their toned look is to add some lean muscle mass while losing fat mass. The problem that can arise is that women can get scared that if they pick up weights they will turn into the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger (my childhood idol). The problem with this theory is that unless they are also consuming a large number of carbohydrates with every meal, anabolic steroids, or train in powerlifting reps of 4-6 reps, this simply cannot happen.

Ladies, please be encouraged and coached to use a heavier weight load from time to time, due to the fact that most women will underestimate their strength. Using heavier weight can also result in women having an increase in self-confidence, bone density, tendon and ligament strength, which is a happy effect of training. We can never under estimate the ability of strength training increases going side by side with emotional and mental strength.


It is important to remember that no one can ever become a bodybuilder by accident!


It takes months and years of training with a strict nutrition plan. Whenever a female client talks about a celebrity they want to look like, rest assured that the celebrity got there by lifting weights under a challenging strength routine. It is important for female clients to understand that muscle bulk is largely dependent on testosterone, too many carbs consumed and body-type. Compared to men, women just cannot create as much testosterone, so it comes down to a hormonal issue. Men create about 20 times more than women do. Even under a “hardcore” strength routine, women gain muscle mass much more slowly than men do. When women do gain bulk it is not a bad thing, muscle mass can help with injury prevention, reduce the risk of falls and increase bone strength which will lead to a reduction of fractures. Weightlifting also has been shown to decrease the likelihood of type 2 diabetes and have positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Ladies…What I am trying to say is do not be afraid to lift heavier.

Of course, we always need to ease our way into any program, but increasing weight should be your goal, and the fear of lifting too much should not enter your mind. If your goal is between 6-10 reps, you want each rep to be challenging not just the last rep. Strength training does not have to be confusing, just pick up something heavy and lift it. Do not be afraid of strength or size – just go all out!


Above all, remember Don’t Worry, Lift happy!


Happiness is a decision, make it today!

PURE Q A With Coach Dimitri

Questions About Alcohol & Swimming: 5 Minute Friday Q & A

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Five Minute Friday Q & A

PURE Motivation Five Minute Friday Q & A Episode 4 Today we are answering the following

1) Are alcoholic beverages good to have on the weekend since I will work out during the week?

2) Is it true that when buying new equipment or workout outfits it will motivate me to workout more?

3) Will swimming for 30 min be the same as working out for 45 min will I burn the same calories?

PURE Q A With Coach Dimitri

5 Tips To Tone Your Muscles: 5 Minute Friday Q & A

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Five Minute Friday Q & A

Can You Actually Tone Your Muscles?
Are you struggling to TONE your muscles and get leaner?

Do you find yourself setting goals or asking your coach how you can become more “Toned”? .

Well you You CANT tone a Muscle ! . It’s not possible! You can only increase the size Of them or let them fade away, lose elasticity and atrophy ( shrink or become smaller)!

What you can do to preserve muscles and keep them Anabolic ( Greek word for growth or increase size) is:

A- lift weights 🏋️ regularly 3min -4 x week
B- Fuel them well each and every meal or apprx every 3-4h
C- Provide your body with 0.8g ( min for active individuals) per pound of bodyweight to ensure your not deficient in protein
D- Try to choose Grass fed, organic or wild range proteins , ( white meat chicken 🐓, turkey 🦃, fish 🐟 ) have less saturated fat then red meat 🥩. Choose beans/legumes, organic dairy products geek yogurt, cheeses protein powders, nuts and seeds!
E- Aim for 7-8h of sleep 💤 if possible. Muscles can’t get toned, they are already built lean, strong and very bundled together.

Fat is a totally different tissue, like oil and water, so stop making yourself get caught in the trap of thinking you want to tone your body when in reality what you SHOULD be saying is… you want to increase your 💪🏻

Muscles, Grow your Muscles and make them Stronger! . Love to hear your thoughts or comments! And if your stuck or struggling to find your motivation to get active during this covid 19 lockdown visit www.purefit.ca and register for your free 15 Day kids and adult training trial!!! Guaranteed you will love it!

PURE Q A With Coach Dimitri

Questions About Equipment & Nutitrion: 5 Minute Friday Q & A

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Debunking Nutrition Myths

In this short video Coach, Dimitri will tackle questions brought to him by his members at the studio, online and at home! Todays 5 Questions are:
1 – Should I have carbs before or after a workout?
2- If I only have $100 to spend whats the best or most important exercise equipment to buy?
3- I’m trying not to eat RED Meat what other sources of protein can I eat?
4- I usually do a lot of squats & deadlifts when I used to train at PMF but now I don’t have much equipment what do you suggest I use now while I don’t have weights?
5 -My general goal is to stay healthy while being at home. What are some of the tips I can do to keep healthy while at home?