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Five Minute Friday Q & A

Are you stressed that your treadmill and skipping rope sessions that leave you dripped in sweat are still not helping you burn stubborn body fat?

How frustrating and demotivating is it when you try to follow fitness programs you found online or from a friend and don’t see results? You change it up each week and still feel stuck?

Are you the guy or girl trying to build lean mass & drop body fat at the same time and pissed that you never ever able to do both?

I get it, I understand, I once was skinny, weighed 147 lbs wet, and could never build any muscle until I learned how to eat and exercise for my body type.

I’ve put together the answers to the 3 questions from you (the viewer) based on cardio, body composition, and program design.

Q1- If I want to burn a lot of body fat what’s the best cardio program to do?
Q2- How long should I wait to change my exercise program?
Q3- Can I lose body fat while building muscle at the same time?

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Dimitri Giankoulas

Fascinated since an early age by the potential of the human body, I have devoted my career and much of my private life to pushing beyond my own limits – and to lead others to personal health achievements greater than they thought possible. My level of commitment to each and every client is unparalleled in the industry. I try to bring energy, optimism, and pure motivational power to every one of his workout sessions. I have been in the fitness industry since 1997, working as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and ultimately Personal Training Director at various well-known gyms across the GTA. Combined I have over 11,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience.