Five Minute Friday Q & A

Do you think about breathing when you exercise? Do you actually take the time to think of the way you will inhale, hold and exhale your breath? Most people don’t and today I’m tacking an amazing 3 questions sent to us by our viewers on Breathing Tips.

#Q1 What is 3 (B) Breathing?

Stands for Brace Before Breath.
Its a form of Diaphragmatic Breathing that increases Intra-abdominal pressure and strength
Reduces risk of injury
Stabilizes Midsection/ Core
Improves Posture & Neutral Spine Position
Keeps Focus on braced truck region

#Q2 What is the REST -Pause Principle?

Intensity extending method praised by many for its strength and hypertrophy benefits
its when you do a specific amount of reps till failure, rest for 15-30sec, and then repeat for a # of sets until you reach the target rep. For example:
Set 1 8 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 2
Set 2 4 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 3
Set 3 2 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 4
Set 4 1 reps till failure…rest 15 sec go to set 5
Set 5 1 reps till failure…stop

#Q3 What is the PRESS Pause principle?

Focus on the eccentric portion of the training (lowering phase)
Hold stretched out position with control, pausing with the full load then exploding up
Increases load, volume, and time under tension
Increases ROM, mobility and stability of the joint.
Jan 21, 2021

Dimitri Giankoulas

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