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How Jeff Lost 45lbs

How Jeff Lost 45 lbs + 16% Body-fat Using BODY-TYPE Training

By Testimonial

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Member highlight: Jeff

18 years ago I met a young plumbing apprentice named Jeffrey that was overweight, unhappy, unhealthy. He was referred to me by one of my coaches Jason Miller, who approached him on the floor & suggested he speak to me about nutrition as he was continuously training but with no results to show.

He went from chubby to sculpted and trained for another 5 years until “LIFE” came knocking! Regained more weight, forgot about himself, his habits, his health and was back at square one. This past December I challenged everyone on social media to take action & stop the excuses and he called me and asked to meet!

10 months later he’s back and:

▪️Down 45lbs of unhealthy Body Fat

▪️Down 16% bodyfat

▪️More confident, healthier

▪️More disciplined & committed

▪️Better husband & father

A special interview of his story will be up on YouTube next week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime give Jeff some 👏🏼👏🏼 in the comments

Weight Loss Is Hard But Have You Ever Tried To Gain Muscle

Weight Loss Is Hard, But Have You Ever Tried To Gain Muscle?

By Testimonial

Coach Dimitri here and today I wanted to shed light on another PURE Motivation Fitness success story that not too many people pay attention to or understand the opposite struggle that so many people go through when it comes to Gaining weight vs. Losing weight!

Yes, I did say gain weight, and I don’t mean the kind of weight that sits around your tummy and sometimes jiggles…I mean the actual challenge to put on quality, lean, dense muscle. Ohhhh… That weight?

You see, being an Ectomorph myself (body type with the fastest metabolism & inability to gain weight easily) I personally know how easy it was to get teased, made fun of, and even lose at many school sports and often not get picked to be on the team, due to being so skinny!

In addition, everyone laughs and ignorantly replies, “Ya I wish I had that problem, it must be so easy for you to be able to eat whatever you want and not have to worry about getting fat?”

In reality, it’s actually the opposite, and as a true Ectomorph, It’s very hard to gain weight. It’s very hard to always have to be consuming so many calories (often in the 2600-3500+ cal range), always having to carry food with you, having to constantly lift heavy weights, deal with hunger pains that seems to feel like it’s burning a whole in your stomach, and your always hungry, never full and if you miss a few meals you feeling like your shrinking. Not only is the eating another job but you lift weights for months, kill yourself trying to push heavier and heavier each week too only notice a drop on the scale most of the time.

You miss a few meals for the day, don’t drink enough water, get stressed or god willing get sick or have the flu, and all of a sudden the scale says your 4-6 lbs lighter, and it’s not a loss of fat its a loss of muscle. This is, and can be very discouraging!

Well, meet rockstar Maria N, a dedicated 19-year old that not only crushed the odds of what a typical female her age can achieve when joining a gym (let alone any male) but who also became proof that male or female aside, dedication, patience, persistency, and proper coaching can provide massive success.

Joining our studio in 2017 Maria was like most of our youth that train at PMF coming in 1-2x max per week, working with a coach for sports specific programs, learning how to implement the knowledge taught with us at their private sports clubs or teams, or just like she did, coming in to get some better understanding of how to safely and effectively use the equipment and machines.

Its wasn’t until the last 2 years that Maria got fed up with not being able to see results and sat down with me and her mom to get a full nutrition lesson on how to eat for your body type. Since then, it’s been an uphill climb to success.

Our society is so hung up on losing weight that I had to take the opportunity today to showcase this young ladies amazing results and hope that you too can be inspired by her story.

There are two types of goals in fitness that both posses challenges and we should never say that the other person has it easier than the other.

Body transformations of any kind require desire, relentless hard work, and sweat equity, and today we congratulate Maria N for not giving up, for gaining 2″ on her arms, 2″ on her thighs, and a remarkable 18lbs solid lean muscle in just 24 months. Way to go, Maria, you’re a champ!

Who is Pure Motivation Fitness?

  • We help busy business professionals & stressed moms & dads look better naked, regain their work-life-family balance & improve sex drive in less than 90 days.
  • We teach you to eat & exercise for your unique body-type.
  • No more obsessing about fitness
  • No more fad diets

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PMF Testimonial

Mesomorphic Client Testimonial & Success Story with Jason

By Testimonial

Meet Jason L,

Seven short months ago rockstar client Jason L (The Bodyfat Melting Specialist) used to complain to Coach Dimitri and Adam that he:
– hated the way he felt when he had constant daily heart burn and gut issues if eating the wrong foods.
– was tired of feeling tired and achy all over, being 40lbs overweight, and having to constantly be sedentary at work with loads of daily pressures, stresses, and deadlines
– started noticing that he wasn’t feeling right and felt at min 10-15 years older than he was.

In addition to the lack of energy, poor ergonomic setting, and poor eating habits the daily neck & shoulder pain he was experiencing running down his arm to his fingers from a previous neck injury ( fused C5 vertebrae ) was unbearable and seemed to be the last straw for him.

He had to do something, and after seeing Coach Dimitri speak at a few company-wide lunch-and-learn seminars Jason took immediate action and set up a FREE 15 min discovery call session to uncover his needs and see how PMF and their team could help.

In no time Coach Dimitri introduced Jason to a team of Fitness technicians and professionals starting from his physiotherapist at Health Works Rehab, to the Naturopathic Doctor on staff at PMF and ultimately his dedicated and highly experienced fitness trainer and program director Coach Adam M

Together, in just over 26 weeks, with the Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability of all 3 Jason L PMF team members he was able to:
-Lose just over 35lbs
-Lose 10% bodyfat
-Lose 5″inches off his waist
-Build 1.5″ on his arms
-Become the SuperDad he always wanted to.