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The summer is midway through and if you’re like most people you’re saying it’s time to start a fitness program or take your current one to the next level and if that’s the case, you’re wanting to take all your energy and focus into one direction. But which direction do you go in? Which program do you follow, and what is the best advice to lose fat while building muscle?

If you’re struggling to admit that your waistline is growing too far it’s time to start! If you’re tired of not being able to fit into last year’s bathing suit then it’s time to start! Or, if you’re fed up with looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing who you’re staring at because you have given up on dieting and simply eating your summer away it’s time to start!

But what is the best diet, what is the best way to burn fat, and what principles or systems are true over time that will not leave you feeling like your following the next fad diet? Well, today I’m about to share with you my 5 Fat Burning Secrets From The Leanest People In the World.

I get it, it’s hard, it’s stressful and it sometimes feels like it’s not worth all the hard work but if you do try it properly. If you put in the sessions and if you eat the right foods for your body type you will and can get the results you want because so many others have done so and weight loss is not rocket science…but it’s hard work!

Physique Athletes, Bodybuilders, Physique competitors & Fitness Models all seek the same goal, burn fat, build and maintain muscle and do so all year. As a Natural Bodybuilder for 10 years, I knew firsthand how challenging it was to try to get results without using drugs and had to ensure that my food was always dialed in.

Hope you enjoy my 5 Similar Fat Burning Tips and know that all of these are true and not made up!

1. Physique athletes don’t diet—not in the conventional sense. Diets don’t work; you’ll find out over time that a diet is something temporary but when you change your eating habits and make it your lifestyle it will last for life. Bodybuilders are well-known for how much food they eat. It doesn’t seem possible that you can “eat more and burn more,” but on this plan, you really can.

2. Physique athletes are masters at stripping off the last 10 to 15 pounds of stubborn fat. Most people get stuck on those final pounds, but this method can strip off all the fat—all the way to six-pack abs. You may not want to get so lean that people say, “Wow, you are ripped!” But if you do, this is how it’s done. And if you follow most physique Athlete’s they wish to lose the last 10 lbs of fat by building muscle not dieting so much.

3. Physique athletes don’t lose muscle.  What good is it to lose weight if half of it is lean body mass? If you want to lose 20 pounds as fast as possible, we could saw off one of your legs. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s exactly what most people are doing with crazy starvation diets: burning off their muscles. Following a meal plan for your body type and not just cutting carbs and upping the cardio won’t just lose weight, you’ll burn fat, keep muscle, and completely transform your body.

4. Physique athletes know how to break plateaus.  By tracking body composition (instead of bodyweight), charting progress, and using a performance feedback loop system, you can break any plateau. Even doing strength tests every 30 days will help you evaluate changes you make each month so you have motivation and data to go off vs guessing. Doing it this way you’ll know when you’re stuck and what to do to get “unstuck.”

5. Physique athletes (and fitness models) have to show up in shape on a specific date.  If you use their system, you can “dial it in” whenever you want to get in peak shape—for a vacation, a reunion, a wedding, a whole summer, a body transformation contest, or even your photoshoot. You can get as lean as you want when you want. You’ll be in complete control of the timing and speed of your results. But if you don’t set a date of when you want to lose your weight, by which month, which date you’re not going to be able to work backward and log data to help you. Professionals have set dates they work towards so that each day is part of a bigger picture

Life is not perfect, I’m definitely not perfect and you are not either. But what I do know is most fitness professionals and physique athletes know their S*&T and they know it well. So, if they follow these 5 tips…So should you and I!

I’ve always told everyone your goal is to build muscle not just burn fat so next time you want to drop down some pounds make sure you’re saying, ” The goal is to burn fat while building muscle“!

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