Secrets to Fitness Success For 50 59 Year Old Tradespeople Part 5 of 5

Part Five –60–79-year-olds. #FitnessFridays with Dimitri Giankoulas Our last show of this series and Dimitri gets right into it. Yes, you still need to be active, but at these ages you need to be careful on the level of active. At this age there are a lot of failing body parts and putting too much stress on joints can create bigger problems, especially since older people don’t heal as quickly. Functional strength is what you are after at this age, learning to improve your mobility from everyday movements, getting up from the floor, lifting from a chair, twisting, and all of this stems from pain.

Spinal Hygiene Exercises – A T W Y that Dimitri has discussed on each of these shows. Working with a The TRX System, also known as Total Resistance Exercises, refers to a specialized form of suspension training that utilizes equipment developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. We discuss as one gets older getting to an extreme overweight is dangerous and it should always begin with a full assessment, the data, from there the proper coach can learn the best course of action to achieve their goals. Diet is critical, if you haven’t built up your life with proper healthy details from your 40’s to your 50’s to your 60’s your body isn’t thermo genetically active, it takes your body at that age longer to process the foods. Anyone that is overweight means no carbs for breakfast, it’s like overfilling a half glass of water. Eating carbs for breakfast will only store it and convert it into sugar and it becomes more fat. As for lunch, it’s the same at any age, protein, carb, and fat. For dinner, eliminate the carb and focus on the protein and a little bit of fat. Exercise, Dimitri can tell what you have been doing for decades simply by looking at your side profile, no ass and hamstrings, means weakness in the lower back, means you have not been doing any lower body movements and that needs to change, you will require those two key areas for mobility. The conversation of mental health comes up, at that age mental health is important. Training will help; the injection of dopamine will help. Depression kicks in when people are not happy. Dimitri’s coach would always say, Growth or Decay, which one are you? Reach out to Dimitri and consider getting a coach to help you live a healthy longer life. Mind Set, Nutrition, Training, and Trouble Shooting. Check out his app on Apple and Android Shared and Discussed Linkshttps://www.trxtraining.comWhat an amazing show full of truth, pain, fitness, health, exercises and more, I thank you so much Dimitri for sharing so much on your life for our construction lives, educating our listeners on everything to do with your body, mind, and soul. Thank you. Find him on IG @puremotivationalfitness and @dimitrigiankoulas and contact him for your next exercise booking at [email protected] and his website is www.puremotivationalfitness.com and find his YouTube channel at Pure Motivational Fitness where he shows you key details to live a happy, healthy construction life. Want to reach out to Manny, text him on his mobile, 416 433-5737 and or email him at [email protected] or [email protected] Please let him know who you are and then ask away.

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Dimitri Giankoulas

Fascinated since an early age by the potential of the human body, I have devoted my career and much of my private life to pushing beyond my own limits – and to lead others to personal health achievements greater than they thought possible. My level of commitment to each and every client is unparalleled in the industry. I try to bring energy, optimism, and pure motivational power to every one of his workout sessions. I have been in the fitness industry since 1997, working as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and ultimately Personal Training Director at various well-known gyms across the GTA. Combined I have over 11,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience.