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Reset Your Mindset

how are you? Its Sunday and I hope you enjoyed my 1st five ways to reset your mindset!  Here are the next 5, have a great day and remember to share this with anyone you know that can benefit from these amazing ways by one of my favourite coaches Craig Ballantyne 


·     We have come from hard times or some of us have struggled and still struggle with adversity.  Some of you reading this may have a struggling marriage, challenging health complications, drug abuse or a family member suffering from addiction. I came from a dysfunctional family upbringing but never let that get to me or poison my mindset and what I’m grateful for. We all need to be grateful for what we have, for who we have around us, for the ability to be able to wake up each day, live in North America and be able to do anything we want in this life you need have an attitude of gratitude.

·     It’s our duty to help others.


·      Two environment’s here ok! (if your driving please don’t do this) But take your hands stretch them out wide and turn to your left then to your right.   Whatever is within arm’s reach is within your LOCAL ENVIROMENT for this exercise. What’s within arms reach? Your phone your computer, chocolate covered almonds?  A soda drink or a bottle of water, the converter to watch Netflix or your favourite book? What’s within your local environment within reach will dictate your local behaviour. Your phone will buzz or Facebook notifications will take you away from doing a specific task you wanted to do, junk food or alcohol will make you crave it to eat or drink it and give you negative feelings of self-defeat. The more you have control over your local environment the more control you have over your life.  Every Day Your Local environment can define or destroy our daily performance.

·      What’s within Your Bigger Environment? Negativity, the people you hang around the placed you go to. Pretend for a moment you were able to be that high school guidance counsellor we all had ( I loved mine as he always told me I could do anything I wanted, as long as I paved the work needed for it), but pretend you could be outside of yourself for a moment and look at and speak to yourself about some of the bad habits you have and how they are affecting your life.  “You really think eating Doritos, cookies and ice cream 3-4nights per week is going to help you lose that excess stomach fat? Really, you think that having that 1, 2 or 3 drinks per night, at each business lunch meeting and that weekend party is going to help you get healthier or burn out your liver. Really, you think that complaining about how overweight you are or how much your lower back is hurting is going to do anything to make you better? Really, you think that lying to your trainer and saying that you’re trying to do everything you can to lose that unwanted stubborn body fat is going to do you right when you know deep down inside your only sabotaging your own goals and lying to yourself…Really? This is what happened to you now that you’re a grown up.  If your friends smoke, drink or eat poor foods you will do it too.  It’s Harvard Research and Stats proven and shows you’re the average of the 5 people you hang around with.  So if your around negative or bad people, places, bad habits or situations they will most likely become you too.  Block every negative person, place or social media thing that may make you negative or have anxiety


·      When you know what you want to achieve in life and say you commit to your path in life and you will be using the gifts that you have been given to succeed and commit to your path because of the type of person you are you will continue to destroy your excuses. If you had a tough day you don’t sleep in the next day, if you ate the wrong food yesterday you don’t go and tell yourself that your failed and might as well just binge all night or all week! If you got a poor result on an exam or mid term you don’t turn around and say the semester is pretty much done so I might as well not study for the next test because that’s creating false hope, false mindset and leads to poor personal leadership.  You need to be committed to that higher goals you set for yourself and practice moving closer each and every day with non-negotiables and guardrails pre-set so you don’t get taken off task.


·      You will have days when your spouse argues or leaves you, you will have days when things go bad, when you lose money in a venture, when your car breaks down in the middle of your drive to work when an employee leaves you hanging high and dry with no notice you need to show up to work , your home or situation as a leader.  Those are the days you need to show up and be your best, a great leader is always bringing their best even on their worst day.  Your mind must become anti-fragile. Your bones become stronger with stress on them.  When you exercise and squat with added weights you femur your hip bones your spine all become stronger.  When your born with an adversity, when you have a life altering challenge that brings you down you need to become anti-fragile and don’t take the path of least resistance and work on things that make you stronger every day.  Especially if you are born with no life altering or changing adversities that are now within your power to change.  There is no excuse why you shouldn’t and cannot be Anti-Fragile and become stronger due to pressure, adversity or challenges.  People with adversity Lean into rejection that life gives you and helps you become stronger every day.  Sean Stephenson, American therapist was born with a rare bone disease osteogenesis imperfecta which did not allow him to grow more than 3 feet tall due to super high fragile bones that would shatter each week and not allow for any growth. Went on to be a successful motivator, author business owner, and delivered speeches all around the world.


·      You are only as good as strong and as smart as you are until you get help, get coaching or get advice from someone stronger then you.  You cant lose 40lbs on your own because if you did you would have already done so, done it on your own and published a book on how easy it was to do.  You cant grow our double your business each year on your own or without help because if you did you would have done so and shown the world how amazing and effortless it was to do. So why do you not seek out or search to get help, mentorship or coaching from someone else who is doing what you want to do, from someone who has helped others lose that unwanted 40 lbs of bodyfat that is keeping you unhappy , unhealthy and frustrated every day.   If you remove your personal ego you don’t have to carry the added weight and stress of anxiety from not being able to solve the problems you or we face each day in our lives our business and personal relationships alone.  Having the guts to man up and say that its time to you or I hired a coach. When you suffer in silence the greater the anxiety you feel the greater the pressure builds up inside.

·      Set your ego aside and ask for help!  Whether its hiring a trainer to make you accountable to exercise, whether its joining a gym so you can be and train around others who want to lose weight just like you , whether its hiring a counselor to help you with your failing marriage or whether its hiring a business coach to help you break through your business or company plateaus there is no weakness in asking for help.  The more you take others problems on to you the more you destroy your own self power to succeed.

·      There is weakness in not asking for help , there is weakness when you suffer in silence because you do not know everything about everything in life.

 I hope you enjoyed this Sunday Mindset tip and if you did please share it with friends, family or co-workers or leave me a reply comment id love to learn what you thought of it. 


Dimitri Giankoulas
Exercise & Nutrition Coach

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