As Canadians Are We Exercising Enough

how are you?

I remember when I started in the fitness industry , now over 10 years ago, I remember the recommendation for the ‘fat burning zone’ was to stay at 60% of your max heart rate. These were the recommendations provided and if you even see, some cardio machines still have that ‘target’ zone listed for optimal fat burning results.

Thankfully, exercise science has continued to evolve , rapidly, of course with the increasing knowledge of the all around benefits of physical activity but also, with the rising rates of obesity worldwide. Science doesn’t lie and thankfully this myth has been debunked!

You don’t have to be a science buff to understand this so don’t worry – It’s Friday and our brains are slowly starting to shut off so we won’t get into too much science detail!!

From a qualitative point of view, when you are training at 60 % of your max HR, you are still able to hold a conversation. When we think about just that for a second and for all the people that have lost pounds of body fat through their journeys, they can tell you that its definitely NOT easy and lots of sweat and out of breath moments are required! There isn’t complete non sense to this claim though. It is true, that at rest or lower intensities, our bodies do use fat as energy more vs in higher intensities.

So… The reason why working in higher intensity zones is more recommended nowadays HITT training – High Intensity Interval Training) is for two reasons.

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1. Higher Caloric Expenditure :You burn more calories working in higher intensity zones which in turn, still applies to the calories in calories out rule that you need to be burning more then you are consuming

2. EPOC effect: Working in higher intensities, especially when applying load ( resistance training), forces your body to burn more calories at rest post work out (thus,  increased fat burning). This is called the EPOC effect and stands for Excessive Post Oxygen Consumption. Due to the limited supply of oxygen able to get into your muscles during interval based training, your body lets a surge of it come into the muscle cell when you are done working out, for hours.

Now, the key thing is to not get turned off by this ‘higher intensity ‘ training. Consult a fitness professional and they can guide you to ensuring you start with the right capacity of interval training for you.

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Daniel Cecchino

Daniel has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He is a Registered Kinesiologist along with having other credentials in functional movement, nutrition and business. Daniel has assisted hundreds of clients achieve their fitness and health goals at PMF, along with pioneering a corporate health and wellness program with numerous corporate clients around the GTA, over the past 10 years. His mission is to educate everyone on the benefits of effective exercise and nutrition, along with how we can all keep it in our lifestyle. He currently manages the studio and also runs corporate wellness programs at PMF.