What are Deadlifts Pure Motivation Fitness

“Deadlifts are a great exercise that anyone can do, regardless of how old you are, how big, or your fitness level. It is a great tool to teach overall body awareness, while maintaining stabilization in your spine. It can help increase full body strength, and muscle mass. Though assessment of proper technique should be taken before intensity and/or load is increased, a deadlift targets all the muscles responsible for your posture. It can help with improving and strengthening your core abdominals, postural muscles, as well as your posterior chain.

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Starting with a weight that is safe and appropriate to your fitness level, can allow for a more focused approach to technique and form, which can help reduce injury and continue strength progressions. With proper technique and consistent improvement, load can be increased. There are many variations of deadlifts, and depending on limiting factors, such as health capabilities, the correct measures and exercise regressions should be considered for each individual’s exercise program and routine.”

Tristan Hewitt

Tristan has been an athlete since he was 5 years old, playing competitive soccer, basketball and football, as well as a Tae Kwon, Do black belt. He believes strongly in the connection between a disciplined body and a disciplined mind. He is a certified personal trainer and continues to improve his skills believing in life long learning. He specializes in strength conditioning and is constantly looking for new and advanced ways of building your best body.