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With the Christmas holidays behind us and 2021 just beginning, it’s time to reassess our fitness goals and the way we view them. Statistics show that 85% of ALL new years resolutions wont last more than 3-4 weeks? Those stats suck, So Im here to share with you a few quick tips for building the habits necessary habits to stay on track to meet your fitness goals in 2021.

Don’t recognize your goals as resolutions, but instead as changes in lifestyle:
Roughly 92% of individuals don’t follow through with the resolutions they set. This is due in large part to creating an isolated choice that isn’t a part of a bigger context and that specialize in fixing negatives instead of building on strengths1. By creating short, medium, and long-term SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific) we are ready to better determine what success seems like relative to our fitness goals, while sticking to a concrete plan. Dont try to reinvent the wheel or add a massive goal that even Hercules cant achieve…Start off with weekly actionable Behaviour goals that you can accomplish and feel good about week after week.

For Example: Instead of saying you want to lose 5-10lbs of body fat in 1 month try saying, I want to set a goal of moving for 45min 4x week, I want to not eat junk or sweets after 6pm and I want to spend 10 min each night reviewing my goals for the next day. All of these are easy to achieve mini goals that will build over time.

Have a plan for healthy eating and exercising at home: Traveling is an inevitable part of many of our jobs and although any of us will not be able to travel as much as we did before, most of us either still work and have to commute, eat in the car or for some of you eat at home with all the distractions and temptations right next to you or that kitchen pantry. By hitting making the grocery part and food prep a routine now on specific days of the week to organize as many meals as possible for the next few days or by making sure you don’t just eat when you feel hungry and actually prepare something for yourself potentially will save yourself from consuming hundreds of excess daily calories. Dont forget just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that its going to be easier to eat clean meals. Avoid the temptation or habit of you hitting the pantries for foods that are comfort for you.

For Example: Instead of trying to master the art of meal prep or cooking, try to say “im going to make sure each meal I eat is either prepared by me, was purchased at a healthy place (vs junk or fast food) and there is min 2cups of veggies on each plate”.

Write down your goals, and share them with others:
I know you’ve heard me say this a million times… But sharing your goals with others causes you to more likely to accomplish your goals because it adds a further layer of accountability. Don’t go in it alone… have a buddy!: Having an accountability buddy to assist each other stay the straight and narrow is one among the foremost beneficial support systems towards achieving success. This could include having a workout partner or challenging a lover or coach to ascertain who can earn more myzone MEPs during a month, burn the very best calories, attend the most PMF online workouts, or any number of other tangible measures of success. Regardless, you don’t have to do it alone!

For Example: Using your cell phone, enter in 4 daily reminders that remind you of your monthly goals, tell 3 friends you trust or share them on your social media channel or ask your spouse of parent to check in with you every Friday morning to see how your doing with your fitness goals. Its that easy
All of these 3 tips provided can be applied to your personal and professional goals in order to enjoy success. At the end of the day, it all comes down to setting practical goals that are not only quantifiable, but also achieved with the help of others through the execution of a detail-oriented plan.

Dont let 2021 be another year of let down due to the Corona Virus or any other issues in your life, take action, take charge of your life and make it be exactly what you envision it to be! Attitude is everything

Dimitri Giankoulas

Fascinated since an early age by the potential of the human body, I have devoted my career and much of my private life to pushing beyond my own limits – and to lead others to personal health achievements greater than they thought possible. My level of commitment to each and every client is unparalleled in the industry. I try to bring energy, optimism, and pure motivational power to every one of his workout sessions. I have been in the fitness industry since 1997, working as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and ultimately Personal Training Director at various well-known gyms across the GTA. Combined I have over 11,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience.