5 Tips To Maintain & Not Gain Extra Weight During December

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You’ve almost made it through the entire holiday season-and we now have less than one month to go. How are you feeling about your health and fitness goals at this point?

October 31st – January 2nd are the danger zones in the fitness industry. “It’s when we start to see our clients slipping on their year-long trek toward health and fitness. Is it surprising?”

Not really, because its the “time of year, the holiday season, the stress of Corona Virus, the added Netflix home movies available, the invites from friends & family and the fact that the kids are around you for 2 more weeks makes any parent or anyone that’s been training for a year seem to fall short or fall apart with consistency during December.

While many will find it difficult to stick completely to their health and fitness plan through the end of the year, there are some ways we would like to share with you to maintain and not gain during December. The first thing we want you to know is that health and fitness is not a short-term goal; rather a long term, lifetime one. That being said, even if you are doing a minimal amount of exercise, you should do your best not to stop altogether. You don’t want to undo everything you have worked for all year. It’s not a race, so please take your time, don’t overwhelm yourself, and Just Show Up!

Here are 5 Tips To Maintain and not Gain extra weight during December and not skip exercise sessions:

1- Invite a friend, co-worker, spouse, or another family member to become your accountability buddy. If you’re feeling particularly weak, give them a shout and they can keep you on track – encourage you to make a healthy choice in food or to meet them at the gym for a quick workout. If you know that someone is counting on you to do the same, it makes it easier for both of you to stay on your journey together.

2- Keep track of what you’re eating by using an app like “Lose It” or keeping another type of food journal old school pen and paper. If you chronicle what you are eating, you are less likely to “cheat” on your nutrition plan. It keeps you accountable to yourself – there’s that word again! Its not that hard…We often overcomplicate things, but seeing what your eating or lack of eating always paints a better picture than saying, “Eating Clean Is Hard Work and Takes hours of planning?”

3- You can also keep track of your measurements at the beginning and throughout the month. If you know where you started, you’ll be able to stay on track (maintain and not gain) in December. That’s our ultimate goal…getting through the holidays without a major setback on our path to health and fitness. If your belt buckle is getting tighter…guess what you’re not moving enough or eating too much!

4- Make a bet with someone you trust to keep you financially accountable! There’s no better way to motivate you than the fear of having to pay someone a penalty! I know call me crazy but I’ve done this many times before even hired coaches to keep me accountable. It feels even better when you win and keep winning bets you make with those people who sometimes make with you.

5-Focus on just “Showing Up”. You’re not always going to hit home runs, you’re not always going to keep dropping body-fat each week, building lean muscle, and losing inches off your waist. But just showing up to do the work is sometimes more important because just showing up means you mentally won the game and that’s the biggest thing. Winning the mental game we play with ourselves daily. Just showing up means you’re keeping a promise to yourself which means you constantly believe in yourself and keep improving your confidence level little by little each day.

As you go through this last month of the year, please know that we are here to help you with any questions you may have about fitness and nutrition. We want you to succeed on your journey and we want to help.

Have an amazing Tuesday and remember,

Happiness is A Decision! Now make that decision today!

3 Strategies To Keep You Motivated If You DON’T Want To Weigh Yourself

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Five Minute Friday Q & A

Hi everyone! In today’s short video I wanted to give you the 3 Best strategies to help you navigate through your own fitness program if you feel like you’re NOT wanting to weigh yourself and not seeing results!

WHAT DO I DO IF I DON’T WANT TO GET WEIGHED IN? This is and has been the century-long Dilemma for millions of people around the globe that just can’t seem to manage to build up the confidence to weight themselves and see where they are with their fitness or weight loss programs. It’s hard, its scary, and sometimes can leave you unmotivated or worse than you started. That’s why I wanted to write something that was positive, had some creativity to it, and shed some new light on many of you who are afraid or don’t see the value in checking the scale every 2 weeks.

Q1- Evaluate Your Objective & Results on Paper!
Determine if you are actually following a program or being reactive
Is there anything you can view to determine patterns
Are you being consistent with your behaviour goals?

Q2- Focus on Strength /Clothing & Food Behavioural Changes
Perform & compare physical strength increases in a push-up, plank, pull up, squat etc
Try on clothing, dress, belt, or anything that was snug to see if there are any changes
Try to set specific cheat meal dates or goals

Q3- Do you have anyone keeping you accountable?
its easy to quit, cheat, skip workouts so do you have anyone your meeting regularly?
Nominate, ask someone or hire someone to keep you accountable
Get in with technology buy a heart rate monitor or any other device to help
We would love to hear your thoughts and also ask you to share this with anyone you know this may help. If you looking for help, accountability with your program or just to ask any? DM me (5min Friday) and we will provide you with a complimentary 7-day personal training pass to enjoy and experience our programs.
Visit to learn more about us or call 905-832-3331

Happiness Is A Decision! 12 Ways To Improve Your Mindset

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Good morning and Happy Monday Everyone!

We are 9 months into the 2020 year, we have all been experiencing anxiety, stress, frustration and uncertainty due to the surprise and insurgence of Covid19 this year and the entire world has been affected.

Businesses, professional sports, families, the entire global economy has been affected yet we have been resilient, dedicated and proactive as an entire human species to try and fight off this horrible virus and have all tried to do our best with our families, our communities and our businesses to make the best of what we have! Yet are we happy?

Are you faking your happiness?

Are you battling your inner self each day and toss back and forth over the invisible happiness line in your head and struggle to stay happy? 

I know I have sometimes. I’ve battled the voices in my head that jump in as soon as my eyes wake up in the morning and say, “Will you be losing your community, your members or business due to Covid? Are you going to be able to motivate, educate and inspire others today when you are concerned about your own stresses?”

These are all common fears but Happiness is a choice we make! Its a decision that we have to make daily and stick to it and after watching a 15 min morning clip from Tony Robbins a few days ago (I too search for motivational videos to keep my self talk as elevated as I can and at peak leavels) I realized that the words Happiness is a decision are going to become my new motto, and my newest tatoo!

I wanted to share with you the 12 ways you too can make Happiness be a decision you make in your life and change your outlook in life, your mental state and the way you, me and we all respond to life, its challenges and any more obstacles we may face.

I hope you enjoy these tips, and if you do please share them with others, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Happy people aren’t held hostage by their circumstances and that they don’t seek happiness in people or possessions.

They understand that once we stop chasing the world’s definition of happiness, we start to ascertain the choice to experience happiness has been right ahead folks right along . Research in the field of positive psychology continues to reinforce this understanding. But simply knowing that happiness may be a choice isn’t enough. Fully experiencing it still requires a conscious decision to settle on happiness every day .


Here are 12 ways to help you make “Happiness A Decision” in your life not an emotion that’s uncontrollable

1. Count your blessings. Happy people prefer to specialize in the positive aspects of life instead of the negative. They set their minds on specific reasons to be grateful. They express it when possible. And they quickly discover there’s always, always, something to be grateful for.

2. Carry a smile. A smile is a wonderful beautifier. But quite that, studies indicate that creating an emotion-filled face carries influence over the emotions processed by the brain. Our countenance can influence our brain in only an equivalent way our brains influence our face. In other words, you’ll actually program yourself to experience happiness by choosing to smile. Not to mention, all the beautiful smiles you’ll receive reciprocally for flashing yours is additionally bound to increase your happiness level.

3. Speak daily affirmation into your life. Affirmations are positive thoughts accompanied with affirmative beliefs and private statements of truth. They are recited in the first person, present tense (“I am…”). Affirmations used daily can release stress, build confidence, and improve outlook. For maximum effectiveness, affirmations should be chosen carefully, be based in fact , and address current needs. Here is a list of 100 daily affirmations to help you get started.

4. Wake up on your terms. Most folks have alarm clocks programmed due to the expectations of others: a workplace, a school, or a waking child. That’s probably not going to change. But that doesn’t mean we have to lose control over our mornings in the process. Wake up just a touch bit early and establish an empowering, meaningful, morning routine. Start each day on your terms. The next 23 hours will many thanks for it.

5. Hold back a complaint. The next time you would like to attack in verbal complaint towards an individual , a situation, or yourself, don’t. Instead, humbly keep it to yourself. You’ll likely diffuse an unhealthy, unhappy environment. But quite that, you’ll experience joy by choosing peace during a difficult situation.

6. Practice one life-improving discipline. There is happiness and fulfillment to be found in personal growth. To know that you simply have intentionally devoted time and energy to non-public improvement is one among the foremost satisfying feelings you’ll ever experience. Embrace and practice a minimum of one act of self-discipline every day . This could be exercise, budgeting, or guided-learning… whatever your life needs today to continue growing. Find it. Practice it. Celebrate it.

7. Use your strengths. Each folks have natural talents, strengths, and skills . And once we use them effectively, we feel alive and cozy in our skin. They help us find joy in our being and happiness in our design. So embrace your strengths and prefer to operate within your giftedness every day . If you would like to seek out this outlet outside your employment, by all means, find this outlet.

8. Accomplish one important task. Because happy people choose happiness, they take hold over their lives. They don’t make decisions based on a need to pursue joy. Instead, they operate out of the satisfaction they need already chosen. They realize there are demands on their time, helpful pursuits to accomplish, and important contributions to form to the planet around them. Choose one important task that you simply can accomplish every day . And find joy in your contribution.

9. Eat a healthy meal/snack. We are spiritual, emotional, and mental beings. We are also physical bodies. Our lives cannot be wholly separated into its parts. As a result, one aspect always influences the others. For example, our physical bodies will always have impact over our spiritual and emotional well-being. Therefore, caring for our physical well-being can have significant benefit for our emotional standing. One simple action to settle on happiness today is to eat healthy foods. Your human body will thank you… then will your emotional well-being.

10. Treat others well. Everyone wants to be treated kindly. But quite that, deep down, we also want to treat others with an equivalent respect that we might like given to us. Treat everyone you meet with kindness, patience, and grace. The Golden Rule is a powerful standard. It benefits the receiver. But also brings growing satisfaction in yourself as you seek to treat others as you’d wish to be treated.

11. Meditate. Find time alone in solitude. As our world increases in speed and noise, the power to withdraw becomes even more essential. Studies confirm the importance and life-giving benefits of meditation. So take time to make time. And use meditation to look inward, connect spiritually, and improve your happiness today.

12. Search for benefit in your pain. This life can be difficult. Nobody escapes without pain. At some point—in some way—we all encounter it. When you do, remind yourself again that the trials could also be difficult, but they’re going to pass. And search deep to find meaning in the pain. Choose to look for the benefits that can be found in your trial. At the very least, perseverance is being built. And presumably , a capability to comfort others in their pain is additionally being developed.

Happiness is a decision, now don’t forget that!

Have a great day, relax, rejoice & reflect!

You Can Have Results or Excuses, It Cant Be Both

By Mindset

If there’s one thing most folks cannot stand is people making excuses, and if there’s one thing we all bang is make excuses. Everyone does it, everyone has done it within the past and most everybody will still do so within the future. There are many quotes about excuses that bosses, trainers, parents, and coaches have probably thrown at you in your life, and that I could sit here and throw some gems at you prefer “make an attempt, not an excuse” or “excuses are the nails wont to build a house of failure”. the purpose is, irrespective of what percentage clever sayings or quotes I throw at you, it won’t change anything. it would cause you to feel bad, or even embarrassed, or maybe sort of a failure, but that’s not in any way my intention. My goal isn’t to interrupt you down or cause you to doubt yourself because you’ve got an excuse. My goal is to create you stop using excuses.


So why will we make excuses then?


Psychologists will place excuse-making within the self-handicapping zone, which is to mention that excuses are a behaviour that one will express that impedes performance and on motivation. Excuses are used as a distraction to carry us back from a task, but it’s really from a deeper level of one’s desire to shield ourselves from any variety of anxiety or shame. But, what does that should do with being within the gym? What number times have you ever not gone to the gym because you were visiting be late, maybe the alarm didn’t detonate, maybe you hit snooze one to several times, what this is often trying to mention is that each one you’re doing is using excuse-making as a distraction from not eager to upset maybe your coach or your training partners by being late. What you must be saying is that I better get there and work twice as hard to create up for the time I missed. for instance, saying that you simply aren’t visiting your workout because you have got an excessive amount of to try to, or making dietary changes are just too hard and unfair, is absolutely just some way of constructing you are feeling less burdened and fewer ashamed.


Unfortunately from a psychological standpoint, IT WORKS.


Now to be fair, studies at the University of Florida have shown that excuse-making may be beneficial. What?! Mind blown! Well, that is, until I read on, and you must, too. The study was showing that certain excuses can protect self-esteem, lower depression, and even boost one’s system, which successively could lead on to a higher performance at the identical task the subsequent go around, as long because the excuse is maintainable and produces sympathy for the excuse maker. Once an excuse fails to hit these factors, it becomes detrimental to one’s success. Everyone out there has had one in every one of those days within the gym, not into it, not motivated, the mind just isn’t right, and after you are being honest to yourself and admit it just isn’t in you today you’re able to rebound the following day and sometimes times want to perform at a better level because you now have a cleared head. the alternative approach is saying things like; it’s too hard, or I can’t fuck, and that I hand over. These are the sort of excuses that are self-handicapping and within the end will do nothing but undermine yourself mentally.

When it involves making a lifestyle change, like making exercise and eating right a part of your lifestyle, it’ll be hard, it’ll challenge you, and hell if it absolutely was easy everyone would couple.

Just like the other place in your life, when it involves your workout, be honest along with yourself, and be honest with your coach, don’t use self-handicapping excuses, instead just be honest. Tell yourself, your workout partner, or your coach that today just isn’t your day and you’ll be back tomorrow able to work. with no more motivation, you’ll want to figure harder, being driven intrinsically to succeed. At the tip of the day you’ll be able to either have excuses otherwise you can have results, but you’ll never have both.

As the great Maya Angelou once said, “Every journey begins with one step.” It’s time to start out yours.

Always remember, Happiness is a decision! Make It Today!

PMF Podcast: How to stay motivated during Covid-19

By Mindset

Five Minute Friday Q & A

Times have certainly changed and we do live in a new world of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, added stress and the unknown but have we really changed? Has everything changed so much that we are in a new normal? Today’s 1st PURE Motivation Podcast dives deep into the reality of “How To Stay Active & Motivated During COVID 19” by certified trainers and performance nutrition specialists Dimitri Giankoulas and Daniel Cecchino.

Topics of this podcast include on how to stay active and motivated during COVID 19:

1. Follow the 4 A’s
-ACCEPT IT, relax your human and you need to FUCK it (Face it, Understand it, Control & Confront it, Know your fear
-ACKNOWLEDGE IT, and ask your self can I do this alone or do I need any help?
-ADVANCE, find the work you need to and start doing it.
-ADAPT, what do you need to do, how do you need to change or adapt to move forward.

2. Do a self-check?
a) Do you feel healthy everyday, energetic, active, positive, motivated or afraid?
b) is there anything hurting you on your body, your gut, do your like yourself naked?
c) How do you perform physically for basic exercises? (push up, 10min jog or 5 min skipping)
d) Write it down and study your answers.

3. Set Written Goals with Deadlines + Rewards & Penalties…Keep your word
a) Why are you doing this?
b) Who will this decision positively impact? you and your family
c) Track your progress
d) Track your habits, trends, daily rituals and your time zappers

4. Find a training buddy!
a) is it a coach, family friend, group or co-workers.

5. With Age we get worse not better so it’s up to us to prevent it

6. Difference between Zoom workouts?

Monitor your habits watch out for Demon craving signals, eating times, appetite times as well

We hope you enjoyed this podcast and ask that you share it with anyone else you know that it may help.

3 Strategies To To Avoid The Paradox Of Freedom Trap

By Mindset

Have you ever heard of the Paradox Of Freedom? If not, let me tell you what that means.

For many of us that are entrepreneurs, work for ourselves, have management positions at work or lead teams, provide a service to clients hourly or even for those that work around setting their own times and shifts you may experience this paradox of freedom.

“The Paradox of freedom Is being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want – because you can…” This so-called freedom can actually lead to shotgun – scattered approach to your days and exacerbates your stress and anxiety. It can put you in a prison, and the only way out is to adopt the paradox of structure so that you can finally focus on what matters. like spending time with your kids, you’re family your loved ones, or giving back to those in need.

Sometimes not having to someone to report to or answer to leaves you not making the time or taking the time to plan our your days, your months or even to reflect on where you are in life with your career, passions or daily activities because of your so-called freedom or “paradox of freedom”

We all, myself included, spend time on things that are not in alignment with the person we want to be and those activities should be the first to be removed from our schedules. I see this many times with members of ours who have high-status careers, CEOs of major companies, and those who have earned years of seniority in a company, job or profession.
Waking up, hitting snooze, checking your emails, Instagram Facebook, watching the news or doing things, giving in or saying yes to distractions in your daily focus.

If you ever experience this type of confusion, loss of daily vision or inability to stick to what matters in your day, your week or your life try to incorporate these 3 easy strategies Ive adopted in my life from mentors of mine and see if they help you or give you some structure.

“Setting boundaries and instituting a filtering system empowers you to say no to activities that hinder your progress towards achieving your goals”. Having a daily plan facilitates your alignment and structure and provides you with a straight line to success. (Craig Ballantyne)

Setting boundaries also gives you permission to say “NO” to things that don’t matter at work and at home and it all starts the night before:

1- BRAIN DUMP: Each night spend 10 min before going to bed to get everything out of your head and jot down all the activities, thoughts, ideas, or things you did that day and what’s needed for you to do the following day. Jot down what tomorrow will look like, morning calls, appts, lunch, travel time, projects etc. Getting everything out of your head and onto paper will automatically relieve some of tomorrow’s stress & anxiety because it reduces the clutter and fog in your head. Leave a tiny notepad by your bed so you can jot down last-minute ideas, to-do items or reminders you may have. Trust me it will save you time, energy, and allow you to rest your mind peacefully.

2- PRIORITIZE: Number everything from your brain dump from most to least important. Identify most crucial item on your list and add #1, then #2 … This prioritized list helps putting all the jigsaw parts from your brain dump in order for more structure and allows you to not feel overwhelmed the moment your eyes awake and you roll out of bed. Remember anxiety kicks in for most people every morning and just before they go to bed. By waking up and having a partial list of items in order, while you sleep your subconscious mind will work with you to help you determine whats most important and any other items needed to get the job/task done.

3-PROCESS PLANNING: You’re probably already doing some kind of planning or using a to-do list to keep yourself in line and organized. This 3rd step called process planning is doing something small the night before to make tomorrow’s task(s) easier. It’s like giving yourself a jump start or fairlead in the race. For example, if you want to work out and feel you don’t have the motivation or may skip your workout leave your gym gear and shoes by the front door so you have to pick them up before leaving for work. If you want to write that book or create that PowerPoint slide for a meeting, open a blank slide the night before and type out 4-5 words or even the title to each chapter in the book so your not staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper in the morning when you wake up and try to attack that goal or presentation.

In order to stay on task and not be tied by the handcuffs of our own paradox of freedom we need to say “NO” to things, people, tasks, opportunities, meetings, or situations that may take us away from our daily goals, mission or routines. Sometimes saying “NO” can be empowering and help you be a happier more productive version of you.

Never Stop Growing & Challenging Yourself!

By Mindset

If someone had have even brought up the idea of me enrolling in a Crossfit competition a couple years ago, I would have probably dismissed the idea, and called them crazy!

Me? Competing in Crossfit?

No way!

However, over the last two years or so, I have developed more of a Crossfit style of training to my own workouts. My goal with training, and with life in general, is to be well versed in everything. By varying my training and not keeping it specific, I can combat many different training systems all at once. I can run fast, lift heavy, and be explosive all in the same workout without destroying my central nervous system.

Fast forward to November 2019 when I signed up for my very first Crossfit competition! This was an opportunity for me to test many parts of my fitness with like minded individuals.

Yes, it may have been a “competition,” however the Crossfit community focuses a lot on individual improvements.

It was a super positive environment, and everyone was there for the enjoyment of the sport.

Ultimately, I am very proud of myself for competing.

The environment was dynamic and positive, with flashing lights and pumped up music. All of the competitors were friendly, positive, and supportive.

The feeling and the adrenaline rush you experience on the competition floor is unlike anything I have ever felt before. It was awesome!

At the end of the day, the idea is that sometimes you have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, try something new, because maybe, just maybe it will be the experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to compete again.

You should too! Don’t let regret haunt you as you age and always make the time to invest in YOU!

If you don’t , who will?

How To Set Up Fitness Guardrails – Pure Motivation Fitness

By Mindset

Coach D here, It’s Jan 21 2020 and I wanted to ask you a question?

Do you set Fitness Guardrails in your life?

Do you have any process or system in place that helps you stay motivated, stay on track, wake up on time each day, pack healthy meals, or have the will power to exercise?

Or, are you winging it and relying on sole reactive outcomes?

In our crazy, hectic and fast paced society where we are so busy, so pre-occupied, and so involved with our work, families and cell phones…we all need some form of Fitness Guardrails to help keep us in line, help keep our eyes on the road and in line with our fitness goals.

I’ve put together my top 12 tips on How To Set Up Fitness Guardrails in your life and here are the top 6 of 12.

Feeling Stressed ? Learn how to calculate your hearts daily stress levels

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How are you?

If you are reading this email and are experiencing some everyday stress, stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and watch this video!

Learn just how hard your main engine of the body is working.

It will be an eye opener and want to ensure you take action!

***How to Calculate Your Hearts Daily Efficiency***

Attitude is Everything,

Coach Daniel

Daniel Cecchino
Pure Motivation Fitness Studio
B.A., Hons. R.Kin,FMS,ACE

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10 Things You Need To Do To Reset Your Mindset! (Part 1 Of 2)

By Mindset

How are you? Happy Saturday ! I wanted to share with you 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO TO RESET YOUR MINDSET from a recent podcast I listen to from one of my favourite coaches Craig Ballantyne as I though it applies to everyone I know, and work with! Hope you enjoy it! 


·     Most of us stay in a bubble or in a state that does not allow us to become more successful because our environment keeps us thinking smaller however you can also be in another environment to help take you to bigger and better places and make you think 10x bigger.

·     Get bigger thinking by listening, watching and being around people who will make you think and feel better. Your mind is like a garden plant positive things every morning and nurture them throughout the day.


·     Chances are the problems you, me and all of us feel, or experience are all first world problems.  We have water, food, Netflix, YouTube,  .. and you need to take yourself out of situations that drain your time and mindset and keep you from binging on TV and Social media, staying in anxiety mode or stress mode.  (We have running water, ability to get jobs) Help someone else, give a tip to someone, volunteer somewhere it will make you feel better.  If you’re feeling down or bad it’s not because you don’t have enough but because you haven’t given enough to people.  If not, you will always be living inside your head not progressing further in your life. Help someone else give service and see the difference.


·     There are ways you can be everywhere all the time.  We can now share our gifts, our passion, our education to all kinds of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, a blog post, an email post and now you are being heard to thousands of people vs 200.

·     Help your staff around you, help your neighbour, help your community give educational info to anyone you know that is listening or can benefit from you.


·     Don’t wake up and look at your phone, get distracted and not be focused. Living a life in reactive mode can not only crush every dream you have as an entrepreneur, coach, teacher or parent but living a life in reaction mode adds anxiety to you.  Don’t say you want to wake up and get task A done and then spend time doing something unproductive, which makes you late to get the kids ready, then you have to rush to work, deal with putting out the daily fires in your work or business then you say you will get it done at lunch only to not be able to because you went out for a business or lunch meeting with a friend which only led to you saying you would do that important task at night then not being able to do it because your too tired and your family needs you.

·     You do not find time to do things we MAKE TIME.  There is no ability for us do things unless we stop and carve out the specific detailed and planned out time to get task ABC done.  Make time for what matters and do not deviate from what you are saying your going to do.   Time is important than money as you cant get more of it or get it back.

·     If you say you are going to do something and you make a promise to do something and you don’t you let yourself down and you lose personal accountability. SELF CONFIDENCE IS MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF AND THEN STICKING TO YOUR GOAL- NOT LETTING YOURSELF DOWN!

·     Make the promise to yourself about your time, guard your time, your personal schedule like it’s a treasure or a new born baby and keep to what you say your going to do each and every day.  When we skip a task, hit that snooze button or miss making that healthy snack or meal that we said we were going to do, we are only lying to ourselves and that takes away our own self confidence.


·     For example, if you’re a coach in nutrition you have the knowledge to help people change their lives, create life lasting habits and not die younger due to taking action on making changing the right habits to improve their lives.  And yet when someone says their not sure or they need time to think about it and you don’t want to face rejection you must be politely persistent and be a welcome guest not a uninvited pest but never give up.  If someone comes to your business and wants help you need to have a follow up with them because they need someone to come along and help stick with them and keep them motivated. If that person doesn’t buy something from you then you need to bring the energy to them so they can help make that decision.  Send them great quality educational info! Then Show up every week even if they give up on their goals  and don’t give up on people’s dreams, get them to act now, have deadlines, have great offers to change others’ lives if you want to change yours.



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